Joe Spier K6WAO Joins ANS Editorial Staff

Joe Spier, W6WAO (left) conducting the ARISS contact during Pacificon 2012

Joe Spier K6WAO, of Weimar, CA has joined the AMSAT News Service as a rotating editor. Joe also serves AMSAT as Associate Director for Education. He was the contact liaison for the AMSAT sponsored Pacificon ARISS contact, last Fall. Look for Joe’s first ANS Bulletin, scheduled for release on June 9 as ANS 160. AMSAT welcomes Joe and thanks him for volunteering his time to the AMSAT News Service. Please send any news related to amateur radio in space to the ANS Editor mailbox at

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AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Nominations Solicited

AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Nominations Solicited

It is time to submit nominations for the upcoming open seats on the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors. A nomination requires either one Member Society or five current individual members in good standing to nominate an AMSAT-NA member for the position. Four director’s terms expire this year: Barry Baines, WD4ASW, Alan Biddle, WA4SCA, Drew Glasbrenner, K04MA, and Tony Monteiro, AA2TX.

In addition to traditional submission of written nominations, which remains unchanged and is the preferred method, nominations may be made by electronic means. These include e-mail, FAX, or electronic image of a petition. Electronic petitions should be sent to MARTHA@AMSAT.ORG or faxed to 301-608-3410. Written nominations, consisting of names, calls and individual signatures should be mailed to: AMSAT-NA, 850 Sligo Ave #600, Silver Spring, MD, 20910.

No matter what means is used, petitions MUST arrive no later than June 15th at the AMSAT-NA office. If the nomination is a traditional written nomination, no other action is required. If it is other than this, i.e. electronic, a verifying traditional written petition MUST be received at the AMSAT-NA office at the above address within 7 days following the close of nominations on June 15th. ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT THIS SECOND, WRITTEN VERIFICATION ARE NOT VALID UNDER THE EXISTING AMSAT-NA BYLAWS.

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FCC Guidance On Obtaining Licenses For Small Satellites

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a Public Notice to provide guidance concerning FCC licensing of spectrum for use by small satellites, including satellites that fall within the categories of pico-satellites, nano-satellites and cubesats. The advent of such small satellite designs has brought with it dramatically lower launch costs, enabling a larger range of organizations to directly launch satellites. Institutions such as universities and research organizations that previously found it cost prohibitive to launch their own satellite can now participate in the exploration of space. Many of these participants may be unfamiliar with the spectrum licensing, scheduling and other requirements attendant on satellites. This Public Notice seeks to alert affected parties of these requirements and thus aid small satellite operators in the planning necessary for a successful launch operation.

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AMSAT Recruiting Dayton Booth Volunteers

The 2013 Dayton Hamvention, sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association will be held this year on May 17-19, 2013.  “Dayton” is the largest hamfest in the United States, and AMSAT will be there again this year.  You can assist AMSAT by volunteering to help staff the booth.  While there, you will meet other AMSAT members, interact with the satellite designers, builders, and operators, and enjoy all that Dayton has to offer.

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