AMSAT and AMSAT-Related Nets

AMSAT Nets on HF

AMSAT nets are also operated on HF to provide coverage of the entire world, and especially North America. These nets are much like the local nets, though they are somewhat more formal and busy. The 15m and 17m nets are inactive until propagation improves.

Net Designation                 Day     Time             Frequency
AMSAT International          Sun      1900 UTC   14.282 MHz
AMSAT-India Sat-chat        Sun      0730 IST     7.070 MHz

Regional AMSAT VHF/UHF Nets

In many areas, local AMSAT volunteers run a net, usually once a week, on a wide-coverage repeater or simplex frequency. The Houston area net is a good example, and is also available via TVRO when a transponder can be arranged. These nets generally feature AMSAT bulletins, and answer many questions from newcomers and oldtimers alike. If you don’t hear the net listed, please let me know. Likewise, if you know of an AMSAT net that isn’t listed, please let me know so I can add it.

Area                                  Day     Time    Frequency
AR-LA-TX QCWA Net       Mon    1930    146.670 MHz (2000 during summer)
Central CA (Mt. Oso)        Tue      2030    145.390 MHz CTCSS 136.5 Hz
51.800 MHz  CTCSS 136.5 Hz
See SARA Sat Net
Central NY                         Mon    2000    146.880 MHz
Central OH                        Sun     2000    145.490 MHz
Colorado                           Thu      2000    449.625 MHz W0KU
See Colorado Amateur Satellite Net
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX         Wed     2100    147.140 MHz
Harrisburg, PA                   Sun     2000    145.210 MHz
Houston Area, TX              Tue     2000     145.190 MHz CTCSS 123.0 Hz
See Houston AMSAT Net
Long Island, NY                 Tue     2000    147.075 MHz
Portsmouth, NH                Thu     2000    146.805 MHz
Rockford, IL                       Sat     2000    147.255 MHz + Tone 114.8 Hz
Tri-State AMSAT Net, WX9MCS repeater
Saco, ME                           Sun    2000    146.775 MHz
SW Ohio                            Tue     2000    145.110 MHz
Tucson Area, AZ                Wed   1900    146.880 MHz
Waltham, MA                     Thu     2030    146.640 MHz
Washington, DC Area        Mon    2000    146.350 MHz

D*STAR                             Thu     0200 UTC  REF 60B

The Australian National Satellite Net is held on the second Tuesday night of every month, starting at 2030 local time in Sydney and Melbourne (0930 UTC October-March, 1030 UTC April-September).  Check-ins are taken starting at 5 minutes before the net’s starting time. The net is available on IRLP reflector 9558 and EchoLink conferences *VK3JED* and *AMSAT* (audio may sound clearer on *VK3JED*), along with the following systems across Australia:

In New South Wales:

  • VK2RMP Maddens Plains 146.850 MHz (-600 kHz)
  • VK2RIS Saddleback 146.975 MHz (-600 kHz)
  • VK2RBT Mt Boyne 146.675 MHz (-600 kHz)

In South Australia:

  • VK5TRM Loxton 146.575 MHz (simplex, 123.0 Hz CTCSS) / EchoLink 4263
  • VK5RSC Mt Terrible 439.825 MHz (-5 MHz) / IRLP 6278 / EchoLink 399996

In Queensland:

  • VK4RRC Redcliffe 146.925 MHz (-600 kHz) / IRLP 6404 / EchoLink 44666

In the Northern Territory:

  • VK8MA Katherine 146.750 MHz (simplex, 91.5 Hz CTCSS) / IRLP 6800 / EchoLink 8913

In Tasmania:

  • VK7RTV Gawler   53.775 MHz (-1 MHz) / IRLP 6124
  • VK7RTV Gawler 146.775 MHz (-600 kHz) / IRLP 6616

Unless otherwise noted, all net times are local. To report new nets, inactive nets, or changes to existing nets, please contact the webmaster.

Updated 24 January 2020