AMSAT Discord Server

The AMSAT Discord server is available for the amateur satellite community. Discord is a text, voice, and video client that has become very popular in recent years. Discord will provide the amateur satellite community with an additional option to communicate amongst each other, in real-time.

Discord provides several neat features, including the following:

  • Ability to create channels, to organize different conversation topics
  • Hosting of events, that can include voice and or video chat
    • For satellite launch parties!
  • Use of bots to automate useful actions
    • Try typing /tle AO-92
    • More commands are in development!
  •  Notification of Twitter posts of interest
    • Currently only following @AMSAT Twitter account

A special section of the server is reserved for AMSAT members. If you are a current member, please send a message in the #request-roles channel once you join the server, indicating whether you are a member or life member. Once the member role is granted, you will be able to post in the “Members Only” category. If you are not yet an AMSAT member, join today at

The link below can be used to join the server. See you in Discord!