Satellite Distance Records

AO-40 (U/S) – 18,730 km. ZL1AOX in RF72mv <> DJ5MN/MM in JM47ts. 24-Aug-2003 at 22:54 UTC. (Source ZL1AOX)

AO-40 (L/S) – 18,298 km. ZL1AOX in RF72mv <> I8CVS in JN63rh. 29-Sep-2003 at 21:24 UTC. (Source: ZL1AOX)

AO-13(B) – 17,097 km. KA7LDN (now AD7D) in CN87wn <> FR5DN in LG78qs. 25-Aug-1993 at 07:01 UTC. (Source: AD7D)

AO-10(B) – 15,242 km. W0RPK in EN31fk <> VK8OB in PG66wh. 18-Apr-1984 at 12:42 UTC. (Source: W0RPK)

FO-20 (JA) – 8,139 km. N7SFI in DN40er <> ON1DLL in JO21td. 6-Mar-2000 at 21:21 UTC. (Source WI7P/N7SFI)

AO-7 (B) – 8,030.895 km. KG5CCI in EM34st20sc <> PY2RN in GG66lw77jq. 10-Feb-2016 at 20:09 UTC. (Source: KG5CCI)

AO-6 – 7,764 km. W3TMZ in FM19ji <> KH6HLK in BL01wh. 7-Jul-1973. (Source: W3TMZ and W0RPK)

FO-29 (JA) – 7,634.735 km. KG5CCI in EM35jf03cu <> F4DXV in JN04jr35pe. 12-Dec-2017 at 10:55 UTC. (Source: KG5CCI)

RS-6 – 7,042 km. N9CUE in EM69xq <> DK9AC in JO41xm. 01-May-1984 at 10:36 UTC. (Source N9CUE)

RS-7 – 6,897 km. N9CUE in EM69xq <> KH6CC in BK29kg. 26-Aug-1985 at 14:54 UTC. (Source N9CUE)

RS-8 – 6,787 km. N9CUE in EM69xq <> DD0BI in JO33rl. 29-Apr-1984 at 12:23 UTC. (Source: N9CUE)

AO-7 (A) – 6,763 km. W0RPK in EN31fk <> G6RH in JO01bk. 18-Nov-1980. (Source: W0RPK)

HO-68 (FM) – 6,742 km. KB1RVT in FN34jk <> SP8CGF in KO10or. 11-Jul-2010 at 12:30 UTC. (Source: KB1RVT)

RS-13 (A) – 6,534 km. NA2AA in FN20uw <> OK1RIG in JO60xj. 05-Feb-2000 at 13:41 UTC. (Source: NA2AA)

AO-8 (J) – 6,331 km. W0RPK in EN31fk <> AH6BP in BL11ap. 14-August-1982. (Source: W0RPK)

RS-10 – 6,266 km. K8BL in EN91hq <> F9HR in JN18co. 15-Oct-1994 at 17:54 UTC. (Source: K8BL).

RS-1 – 6,223 km. W0RPK in EN31fk <> KH6IBA in BK29mm. 22-Dec-1978. (Source: W0RPK)

AO-91 – 6,133 km. PR8KW in GI77um73sc <> EB1AO in IN52pf89tw. 13-Feb-2019 at 14:23 UTC. (Source: PR8KW)

AO-85 – 5,751 km. FG8OJ in FK96ig <> EB1FVQ in IN52pe. 14-Apr-2016 at 19:15 UTC. (Source: FG8OJ)

RS-12 (K) – 5,729 km. KA7LDN (now AD7D) in CN87xs <> JW8GV in JQ78tf.  22-Aug-1995 at 13:17 UTC (Source: AD7D)

AO-51 (V/U FM) – 5,558 km. KB1RVT in FN34jk <> PA1TNO in JO22li. 31-Mar-2011 at 18:10 UTC. (Source: KB1RVT)

SO-50 – 5,523 km. F4DXV in JN04jr<> N1AIA in FN43rg. 24-Oct-2018 at 13:20 UTC. (Source: N1AIA)

AO-73 – 5,299.523 km. EB1AO in IN52PE28FH<> AA2TT in FN30BR52AQ. 06-Nov-2017 at 22:18 UTC. (Source: EB1AO)

UO-14 (FM) – 5,207 km. NA2AA in FN20uw <> AL7QY in BP64du. 08-Jun-2001 at 02:25 UTC. (Source: NA2AA)

AO-40 (U/K) – 5,204 km. N1JEZ in FN34jm <> G3WDG in IO92rg. 7-May-2002. (Source: N1JEZ)

AO-27 – 5,119 km. WD9EWK in DM33xl <> VO1ONE in GN37om. 15-Feb-2006 at 22:00 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

IO-86 (FM) – 5,029 km. PY2RN in GG66lw <> HP2VX in FJ09he. 26-Jan-2019 at 16:26 UTC. (Source: HP2VX)

UKube-1 – 4,914 km. AC0RA in EN41dx <> TF/NJ7H  in HP84qa. 30-Apr-2017 at 18:19 UTC. (Source: NJ7H)

XW-2D – 4,770.951 km. OX/NJ7H in GP49KF94AS <> KG5CCI in EM33AM07AX . 17-Jul-2017 at 23:53 UTC (Source: KG5CCI)

XW-2E – 4,717 km. PV8DX in FJ92pt <> K4FEG in EM55aj. 27-Sep-2015 at 22:44 UTC. (Source: PV8DX)

HO-68 (V/U Linear) – 4,685 km. NH6VB in BL01xu <> WD9EWK in DM43ap. 10-Apr-2010 at 18:50 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

CAS-4B – 4,679 km. NP4JV in DM42pa62 <> AL6D/KH6 in BL10ur90.  11-Dec-2018 at 02:26 UTC. (Source: NP4JV)

XW-2F – 4,679 km. NP4JV in DM42pa62 <> AL6D/KH6 in BL10ur90.  11-Dec-2018 at 02:26 UTC. (Source: NP4JV)

EO-79 – 4,645 km.  FG8OJ in FK96ig <> PY2RN in GG66lw. 28-Mar-2016 at 15:07 UTC. (Source PY2RN)

XW-2C – 4,645 km. FG8OJ in FK96ig <> PY2RN in GG66lw. 04-Mar-2016 at 21:39 UTC. (Source: PY2RN)

XW-2A – 4,645 km. FG8OJ in FK96ig <> PY2RN in GG66lw. 04-Mar-2016 at 22:19 UTC. (Source: PY2RN)

AO-92 (U/v) – 4,585 km. AL6D in CO28nm89 <> N7AGF/KH6 in BL20bg73. 09-Mar-2018 at 19:43 UTC. (Source: AL6D)

CAS-4A – 4,345 km. N8HM in FM18lv <> PV8DX in FJ92pt. 21-Oct-2017 at 01:28 UTC. (Source: N8HM)

ISS Digipeater (VHF) – 3,884 km. WA6LIE in CM96eq <> AH6RH in BL11ch. 01-Nov-2008 at 18:03 UTC. (Source: WA6LIE)

AO-16 (V FM / U DSB) – 3,673 km. CJ7EWK in CN89lg <> XE1KW in DK89df. 08-Nov-2008 at 22:39 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

AO-51 (V/S FM) – 3,550 km. WD9EWK in DM33xp <> VE2DWE in FN36ka. 24-May-2007 at 15:07 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

RS-5 – 3,484 km. N9CUE in EM69xq <> HP1AC in FJ09gb. 8-Jan-1985 at 13:29 UTC. (Source: N9CUE)

NO-84 (Digipeater) – 3,345 km. WD9EWK in DM43ap <> KE3LB in FN21ll. 24-Dec-2016 at 21:21 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

ISS Digipeater (UHF) – 3,224 km. W8LR in EM79vh <> VA7THO in CN89oa. 28-Mar-2017 at 22:43 UTC. (Source: W8LR)

BY70-1 – 3,015 km. HP2VX in FJ09gb <> W5PFG in EM21hs, 08-Feb-2017 at 0416 UTC. (Source: HP2VX)

FalconSAT-3 (V/U Digipeater) – 2,955 km. W8LR in EM79tm <> KB6LTY in DM14jl. 26-Aug-2018 at 03:47 UTC. (Source: W8LR)

AO-21 – 2,702 km. K8BL in EN91hq <> VE6LU in DO33hl. 10-Mar-1994 at 19:30 UTC. (Source: K8BL)

NO-44 – 2,449 km. WD9EWK in DM43bn <> KC9ELU in EM79hj. 01-Jan-2015 at 17:31 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

SO-35 (U/V FM) – 2,097 km. WD9EWK in DM33vm <> XE1MEX in EK08mu. 08-Mar-2000 at 04:09 UTC. (Source: WD9EWK)

RS-15 – 1,998 km. K8BL in EN91hq <> KF2T in DM79mn. 27-Jan-1995 at 14:10 UTC. (Source: K8BL)

Please email if you wish to claim a new record, longer distance QSO not yet documented, or records for any other satellite/transponder not yet listed. Please note that if a satellite carries multiple transponders or supports multiple frequency bands, records on each transponder/band may be claimed, such as Mode A and B on AO-7 or Mode U/S, L/S, U/K, etc, on AO-40. This includes the ISS and records may be claimed for the packet digipeater and crossband repeater, but does not include different operating modes on the same transponder (such as CW or SSB on AO-7 Mode B).