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And Help Keep Amateur Radio in Space.

As getting into space becomes more expensive and fundraising becomes more important we are pleased to announce the revitalization of the AMSAT President’s Club.  Although the President’s Club has been around for many years, we know we need to do a better job of recognizing and thanking our generous contributors.  With the continued support of its members AMSAT can continue to help “Keep Amateur Radio in Space.”  We think you will appreciate the new program.

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The most obvious change in the program is that it is now an annual membership. However, since we announced the updated program during the 2020 Symposium, we are counting all new contributions since then as part of the 2021 year. Another aspect of becoming a member is that we will now recognize all contributions towards membership in the President’s Club. Over the year we receive many general contributions that have not been specifically directed towards the President’s Club.  We will monitor all contributions and automatically enroll those donors who have made qualifying contributions.

Members will appreciate the really great and unique ways we recognize members.  At all levels of membership, donors receive the following recognition:

  • Listing in the AMSAT News Service and The AMSAT Journal
  • Commemorative Coin – A unique 2” metal coin with a highly polished gold finish and four-color accents.  Each year’s coin will feature a different color scheme and different OSCAR satellite,
  • Membership Certificate – An 8.5” x 11” full-color personalized certificate.

Become a Member and Donate Today !

Donors at the Silver or higher levels receive even more benefits such as a handsome personalized acrylic desk plaque, tickets to the annual AMSAT Symposium, luncheons and dinners.  See the table below for complete details. (Note that recognition items are provided by an anonymous donor and no member dues are used. 100% percent of your donation is used for AMSAT activities.)

For persons or clubs wanting to make a contribution by check or electronic transfer, please contact Frank Karnauskas, VP-Development at [email protected].  Remember, AMSAT is a 501(c)3 corporation and your contribution may be tax deductible.  Check with your tax advisor.


Become a Member and Donate Today !


Tier Core Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Annual Donation $120+ $300+ $600+ $1,200+ $2,400+ $4,800+
Journal Listing X X X X X X
Certificate X X X X X X
Commemorative Coin X X X X X X
Cork Beverage Coasters w/Logo
Acrylic Desk Plaque     X X X X
TAPR/AMSAT Dinner at Dayton       X X X
Symposium Admission         X X
President’s Symposium Lunch         X X
Symposium VIP Recognition           X


– President’s Club membership is separate from AMSAT annual membership.
– We apologize but recognition items are available for U.S. addresses only.

Become a Member and Donate Today !