Auckland Technology Convention KiwiSAT Photos Posted

KiwiSATJim Tittsler ZL2IA/AI8A/7J1AJH has posted photos of New Zealand’s KiwiSAT at the 2013 Auckland Technology Convention hosted by the Auckland VHF Group. Fred ZL1BYP and Ian ZL1AOX brought the satellite in its “clean cabinet” to the convention so that the audience would have a chance to see it. Ian had brought along his station (and dummy loads) and demonstrated commanding the satellite and collecting telemetry.

KiwiSAT will carry both amateur radio communications including linear and FM transponders; and a scientific experiment for small satellite attitude control The mission also carries a special beacon which will be used by radio amateurs around the world to collect data for environmental monitoring. KiwiSAT development is completed ready for launch into a LEO orbit with a target launch date in mid 2013. The project is funded by radio amateurs through personal and club donations, and by membership ofAMSAT-ZL. Donations may be made via a link to PayPal on this page.


March/April 2013 AMSAT Journal

Page_1The AMSAT Journal Editorial team is in the process of wrapping up a few final details and that means the March/April 2013 issue is heading for the print shop in a few days.

Thanks for all the help from our Journal Editorial Team:

  • Douglas Quagliana – KA2UPW/5
  • Mike Sedlak – K4ERA
  • Bernhard Jatzeck  – VA6BMJ
  • Bill Hook – W3QBC
  • Martha at the AMSAT Office.

The AMSAT Journal is pleased to publish your articles and photos of satellite operations and all aspects of amateur radio in space. Send your ideas, questions and contributions to [email protected].


Cubesat Launches Planned for April

30128so2April 19 BAIKONUR Soyuz-2-1b

A Soyuz-2-1b from the Baikonur launch facility, in Kazakhstan on April 19, 2013 will include three cubesat missions:

  • OSSI-1             145.980/437.525      CW/1200bps
  • SOMP              437.485                    1200, 9600bps BPSK
  • BEESAT-2/3     435.950                    4800bps GMSK
  • Bion-M1 Biological research satellites
  • AIST Measurement of the Earth’s geomagnetic field
  • Dove-2 Commercial technology demonstration mission

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FCC Guidance On Obtaining Licenses For Small Satellites

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a Public Notice to provide guidance concerning FCC licensing of spectrum for use by small satellites, including satellites that fall within the categories of pico-satellites, nano-satellites and cubesats. The advent of such small satellite designs has brought with it dramatically lower launch costs, enabling a larger range of organizations to directly launch satellites. Institutions such as universities and research organizations that previously found it cost prohibitive to launch their own satellite can now participate in the exploration of space. Many of these participants may be unfamiliar with the spectrum licensing, scheduling and other requirements attendant on satellites. This Public Notice seeks to alert affected parties of these requirements and thus aid small satellite operators in the planning necessary for a successful launch operation.

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