Communications Satellites

Links to information about two-way communications satellites carrying repeaters, transponders, and digipeaters can be found here. FM Repeater Satellites (Click here for frequency chart, follow links below for satellite details) SO-50 (SaudiSat-1C) AO-91 (RadFxSat / Fox-1B) Do not attempt to access in eclipse LilacSat-2 (CAS-3H) Transponder activations sporadic IO-86 (LAPAN-A2) In equatorial orbit, activations by schedule PO-101 (Diwata-2) … Read more

Volunteer For AMSAT

AMSAT needs qualified volunteers for a number of positions! If you want to be a part of the solution in making AMSAT operational and work toward designing, building and finding a launch, WE NEED YOU! No pay for 5+ hours per week, but a great deal of satisfaction in knowing you are helping make something … Read more

Joe Spier K6WAO Joins ANS Editorial Staff

Joe Spier K6WAO, of Weimar, CA has joined the AMSAT News Service as a rotating editor. Joe also serves AMSAT as Associate Director for Education. He was the contact liaison for the AMSAT sponsored Pacificon ARISS contact, last Fall. Look for Joe’s first ANS Bulletin, scheduled for release on June 9 as ANS 160. AMSAT … Read more

Fox-1 has a Launch Date!

NASA announced Monday that AMSAT’s Fox-1 spacecraft has been assigned a launch in 2014. For details on the launch vehicle, targeted launch date, orbit specifics, and more, please attend the AMSAT Forum and visit the AMSAT booth at the Dayton Hamvention this weekend.  Watch and the AMSAT News Service for more details to follow … Read more