HuskySat-1 Designated HuskySat-OSCAR 107 (HO-107)

On November 2, 2019, the HuskySat-1 cubesat launched on the Cygnus NG-12 mission from Wallops Island, Virginia, USA. The satellite was constructed by the Husky Satellite Lab at the University of Washington, and utilizes an AMSAT-constructed radio system for primary communications. Deployed from the Cygnus vehicle on January 31, 2020 after departing the ISS, HuskySat-1 began a 3-month educational mission. Upon completion of that mission, the satellite began operation of a V/u linear transponder in amateur service.

At the request of the Husky Satellite Lab and AMSAT teams, AMSAT hereby designates HuskySat-1 as HuskySat-OSCAR 107 (HO-107). We congratulate the Husky Satellite Lab, thank them for their contribution to the amateur satellite community, and wish them continued success on this and future projects.


Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA
AMSAT VP Operations / OSCAR Number Administrator

[ANS thanks Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, AMSAT Vice President – Operations, for the above information]

Artist depiction of HuskySat-OSCAR 107 firing its pulsed-plasma thruster in orbit.