AMSAT President Urges Members to Renew/Donate Now

AMSAT President Clayton Coleman, W5PFG, has put out a call for new and renewing AMSAT members to act now and register online.

AMSAT President Clayton Coleman, W5PFG
AMSAT President Clayton Coleman, W5PFG

Coleman says, “All things considered, cancellation of Hamvention 2020 was the right thing to do and we recognize the difficult decision that the Dayton Amateur Radio Association Executive Committee had to make.”

“The cancellation of Hamvention will have a dramatic effect on the well-being of many vendors and associations that serve the Amateur Radio community.  AMSAT is no exception.  Hamvention has always been a major fund-raising tool for both recruiting and renewing members as well as selling AMSAT branded merchandise, software, books and antennas.  The loss of this important venue has the potential to adversely affect the projects that AMSAT has underway already and planned for the months and years ahead.”

“This is a very exciting time for Amateur Radio in Space with the new InterOperable Radio System for ARISS, the GOLF satellite program, updating member services and launching our Youth Initiative.  It has been many years since we have seen this kind of excitement and interest in space communications.  We would hate to lose that momentum and fall behind.”

“I am asking everyone to act now and join or renew their AMSAT membership NOW while it is on our minds.  Your immediate willingness to act will help strengthen AMSAT and help ensure our mission of ‘Keeping Amateur Radio in Space’ continues.” There are membership opportunities for everyone to consider:

Coleman also adds, “And, while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to kick in a few extra dollars with a one-time or sustaining donation to AMSAT’s general operating fund.  Especially appreciated are those Amateurs who can make an extra difference by contributing to the President’s Club with contributions of $120 or more.  Whatever you can contribute, please understand that every dollar counts.”

“Additionally, with Hamvention’s cancellation, we lost the opportunity to personally greet and thank all of AMSAT’s membership and to share our enthusiasm for the upcoming year.  Watch for upcoming news on our plans and launches for 2020. We’ll be talking soon.”

[ANS thanks Clayton Coleman, W5PFG, AMSAT President for the above information]


Memberships, both new and renewals, can be purchased at:

For a limited time, AMSAT is making the Getting Started With Amateur Satellites book available free for a limited time as a download with any paid new or renewal membership purchased via the AMSAT store.

 Make your online donations at: