FO-82 (Shin’en 2)

Shin’en-2 has been given the Oscar designation of Fuji Oscar 82 (FO-82).

Shin’en 2 is a satellite that was developed as a student project of the Kagoshima University, Japan. Shin’en 2 will carry an amateur mode J linear transponder into interplanetary space.

Shin’en 2 is planned to be launched Q4 2014 aboard an H-2A-202 launch vehicle, which will  be carrying the Hayabusa 2 as the primary payload and PROCYON and ARTSAT 2:DESPATCH as secondary payloads.

The satellite is 490mm x 490mm x 475 mm and weighs in at 2.85 kg, constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Shin’en 2 will be inserted into an elliptical orbit between Mars and Venus. The orbit will have a near zero inclination keeping the satellite along the  Earth’s equatorial plane. The satellite will orbit between 0.7 and 1.3 AU. 1 AU is equal to the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Mission Objectives are:

  • To establish communication technologies with a long range as far as the moon.
  • To establish a new technology of the ultra-light-weight satellite. Proposing a WSJT 29 dBm UHF downlink and a 29 dBm 20 kHz linear transponder and a CW beacon all on UHF with a VHF uplink for the transponder

Callsign: Unknown

NORAD catalog number: Unknown

Frequencies are as follows:
437.505 (CW)
437.385 WSJT Telemetry

435.280-435.260 USB inverting SSB/CW transponder

145.940-145.960 LSB inverting SSB/CW transponder

Visit the English website here.


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