Upcoming Satellite Operations

Upcoming Roves:

Quick Hits:

Hawaii!: K5ZM is heading to HI on May 16-26

@kQ2RP  Will be operating as KQ2RP/1 on FM birds from 5/24-29 in FN54 and occasionally FN44. Possibility of others.
W3IPA: 5/28/22 (Saturday) EN81 rove. Times are in UTC. More may be added. Especially later in the day. Might squeeze in some passes on the 29th (Sunday) but these are what I’m aiming for.
KG0D: KG0D will be visiting the “rare” CN77tx grid on May 28, 2022. Operations approx. between 16:00 (perhaps earlier) and 23:00 UTC.
W8MTB: Wednesday, June 1, I will be in a few different grids in the UP; operating FM satellites only. I’m planning on being in EN66 for AO-91 and SO-50 in the morning, not sure what grid for PO-101, and EN75 for SO-50 later in the evening. Please DM me if you need one of the grids.
M1DDD/ Activity from IO94 this Sunday 29 May. Probably a couple 2-3 hr sessions (family visit). Might nip out early evening Sat 28th circa 1700GMT too. Play it by ear.

W3IPA: EN81, May 28th & 29th he will be in EN81. He’ll aim for as many FM passes as I can. I’ll attempt some linear. Passes will be posted night before the 28th.

KE0PBR: EN46, I will be in EN46 on Saturday 5/28, will be on Sats holiday style. But you can DM me for a sched and I can get it done. @KE0PBR

KC1MEB & Nu1U: FN33. We have not come out with a Schedule or exact dates, somewhere between the 27th and 29th of May.

Adrian (AA5UK) is heading back to the Cayman Islands after several years now that COVID travel restrictions have been lifted. He will be operating as ZF2AE/ZF8 from Little Cayman May 29 – June 2 (EK99WP) and from Grand Cayman as ZF2AE from June 2-June 3 (EK99HI).  These locations favor the west and any contacts with EU will be a challenge. Gear will be FT-1634 with Alaskan Arrow antenna.  I may be able to rent a car on Little Cayman (very $$$) for an afternoon and operate from FK09.  This is TBD due to holiday style schedule and not guaranteed.  Please follow me on Twitter @ZF2AE and @AA5UK for latest updates.    QSL Direct (SASE for US, $2 for International QSL, and/or LOTW preferred. eQSL no longer accepted)

WL7T: EL84, June 24-27

Wl7T: I locked EL58 in for June 29, 30, and July 1. I plan to work 6 meters for the majority of the time with sat passes as requested. I am going to operate from a boat from around ~9 AM – 5 PM each day.

W3IPA: DM42 vacation planned for Jul 30- Aug 6th will be on FM passes vacation style. I will be close to DM41 so might be able to work a gridline. Will post more updates closer to that week!

N8MR: EN 57,67,56 8/6 through 8/13. More to come as date gets closer.


Major Roves:

AD0HJ Eastern Iowa Rove: Time for Mitch to activate several new satellite grid squares and green up some more #GridMaster maps. Next trip is planned for grids EN30/31/32/33/40/41/42/43 between June 2nd and June 5th. More information soon

KX9X & N9NCY Wild West Rove: Sean and Nancy will be on the road from July 1-25 while hiking in National Parks. They will travel through twelve states and over 50 grids, planning activation on FM and linear satellites. Extensive operation in Montana and North Dakota along the northern border (all the “8” grids). There will also be 6 meter and occasional HF POTA activity as well. Complete info on their trip can be found on their website https://www.wildwestrove.com/

Current status of ISS ham radio stations

as of May 24, 2022
​Columbus Module radios:

  • IORS (Kenwood D710GA) – STATUS – ConfiguredCurrent mode set to cross band repeater (145.990 MHz up {PL 67} & 437.800 MHz down).  ​​​
    • Radio to be powered OFF to support COL experiment on May 26. OFF about 08:15, ON about 10:55 UTC
    • Radio to be powered OFF to support Progress 79 undocking on June 01. OFF May 31 about 18:15, ON June 01 about 10:40 UTC
    • Radio to be powered OFF to support Progress 81 docking on June 03. OFF June 03 about 18:15, ON June 04 about 09:55UTC
    • Radio to be powered OFF to support COL experiment on June 07. OFF about 10:45, ON about 14:50 UTC
    • Capable of supporting USOS scheduled voice contacts, packet and voice repeater ops.

Service Module radios:

  • Kenwood D710E – STATUS – Radio usually off.​ ​​ ​​​ ​
    • Radio to be powered OFF to support Progress 79 undocking on June 01.
    • Radio to be powered OFF to support Progress 81 docking on June 03.
    • Capable of supporting ROS scheduled voice contacts and SSTV.
    • Kenwood D710GA for SM delivered on 80P. Installation occurring on May 25. Planned to support packet operation (145.825 MHz up & down) by early June. Capable of supporting ROS scheduled voice contacts, packet, SSTV and voice repeater ops.
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Updated 5/26/ 2022