Upcoming Satellite Operations

Satellite Shorts:

  • Dec 12th  ND0C  EM09 – 1647z on AO-91 & 1708z on AO-92
  • Dec 12th  ND0C  EN00 – 1821z on AO-91 & 1843z on AO-92

South Florida (EL95, EL96)  December 11-15, 2019

James, K4WPX, will be in EL96/95 December 11th-15th, vacation style, mostly evening passes, FM only.  James will be staying in EM96 but ~1mile from the EM95 line, so he can skip over there for some passes, too. Pass announcements via Twitter:  https://twitter.com/k4wpx

Hawaii (BK19, BK28, BK29, BL20) December 21-28, 2019

Alex, N7AGF, is heading back to Hawaii over Christmas. This will be a holiday-style activation, with special empahasis on the grid that got away – BK28. Keep an eye on Alex’s Twitter feed for further announcements: https://twitter.com/N7AGF

Big Bend National Park (DL88)  March 16-17, 2020

Ron AD0DX, Doug N6UA, and Josh W3ARD will operate from Big Bend National Park to put grid DL88 on the air.  Details will be added here, as they come available, but you are more than welcome to keep an eye on their individual Twitter feeds:  https://twitter.com/ad0dxhttps://twitter.com/dtabor, and https://twitter.com/W3ARDstroke5

Please submit any additions or corrections to ke4al (at) amsat.org
Updated December 8, 2019