Upcoming Satellite Operations

Post Hot Rod Power Tour Rove (New York to Wyoming) – June 15-27, 2019

Following the Hot Rod Power Tour, RJ, WY7AA, will be heading to FN02 for a few days and plans to work FN01/11 gridline around June 17-18. Details to follow. He will be heading as far east as FN32 and then eventually working his way back to DN71. Specifically looking for EN01/02 along the way. Details will be posted to Twitter and his QRZ page as the trip plans unfold. Follow RJ on APRS.fi as WY7AA-9, as he will not have Twtter access along the road.

 Lost in the Hertz (DN06/07/16/17) – June 23, 2019

Kell (KI7UXT) and John (KC7JPC) will rove to DN06/07/16/17 grid corner (plan A) or DN06/07 grid line (plan B) and work FM satellites and if time/pass permits work a few linear satellites. Expect a 18:00 UTC start time.  Check out Kell’s Twitter feed for specific passes:  https://twitter.com/KI7UXT

#JosephOrBustRove (DN04, DN05, DN15) – June 28-30, 2019

Casey, KI7UNJ, will be wandering around Eastern Oregon and decided to do a little grid activating.  Look for Casey on FM passes in DN04 mid-Friday, June 28th, in DN15 Friday night to Saturday evening, and DN05 Sunday morning.  Specific passes to be posted on Casey’s Twitter feed https://twitter.com/KI7UNJ

Hawaii (BK29, BL20) – June 27 to July 8, 2019

Mark, N8MH will be operating a bit as N8MH/KH6 June 27-July 3 from BK29 and July 5-8 from BL20, FM and linears.  Possibility of other grids once there.  Watch Mark’s Twitter feed for further announcements: https://twitter.com/N8MH

mini-Route 66 Rove (DM94/95, EM05/15, EM14, EM23/24) June 28 – July 5, 2019

John, AB5SS, will be driving east from DM85 on a mini-Route 66 trip starting June 28, staying/passing through DM95/94, EM05/15, stopping in EM14 for July 2-4th, then head home thru EM24/23 on July 5th. Operating holiday-style, as family allows, posting activations to Twitter: https://twitter.com/TxRadioGeek

South Dakota (EN04, EN05) – July 2-3, 2019

Lucky for us, Mitch, AD0HJ, will be stopping at the EN04/05 gridline  from July 2nd 22:37z to July 3rd 13:27z,  on his way to Iowa.  Mitch will working the FM Satellites (SO-50, AO-91, AO-92). Check Mitch’s Twitter feed for further announcements:  https://twitter.com/AD0HJ

Iceland (HP95 IP15 IP25 IP03 HP03) – July 13-19, 2019

Adam, K0FFY, is taking his family (and his radios) to Iceland.  Tentative schedule is HP95 July 13, IP13 and IP15 July 14-15, IP25 July 16, IP03 or HP93 July 17-18, and HP94 July 19.  There’s a lot to see, so passes will be best effort and announced on Twitter shortly prior.  https://twitter.com/K0FFY_Radio

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Updated June 21, 2019