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KC1MEB: Roving TO FN51 for Satellite contacts and likely some HF on the Cape in Massachusetts Saturday (11/27)  into Sunday. Do not have a schedule yet but the room is booked.

WY7AA: RJ is on EM86, from about the 20th to the 30th. DM him for a sched.

K4DCA: Still in planning stages, but has mentions EM97,EM96, FM07, FM08

AD7DB: Mini rove Dec 3,4,5 2021. DM23 planned on 12/3 & 5, possible operation in PHX area 12/4 including Superstition Superfest in Mesa. FM sats. Follow @ad7db  for updates.

FG8OJ: Heading to FK88. 12/3 – 12/5; Schedule is here: Link



Radio Operadores del Este Club (KP3RE) and its FB Ham Satelites Puerto Rico page will be giving away until December 31, 2021 all the stations that have contacted Puerto Rico’s 4 grids FK67, FK68, FK77 and FK78 on Sat Mode. Need LOTW evidence (Photos) request via [email protected]


Major Roves:



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Updated 11/24/ 2021