Upcoming Satellite Operations

Upcoming Roves:

Quick Hits:

WY7AA: DM69 on 9/16 17:33 – 21:19UTC.

K5TA: Looking at a quick trip to DM73 tomorrow (16-Sep). On site ~1730Z-1830Z at most, depending on demand (JO-97 through CAS-4B). Some bust potential, so I’ll tweet when I’m leaving (or not) ~1430Z

K5IX: TxQSOparty rove to EL09/08/07, DL98/99 on Saturday! Will include SSB/CW/FM sats–grid sched is fluid as I’ll be mobile thru 16 counties CW/SSB on 20/40m–I’ll stop for opportune sat passes. Ride along with k5ix-i at aprs.fi.

KB3iAI- Heading to FN54 and FN43 for a few days starting on September 11-19. FM only. Maybe a 2nd operator(N3OHD)?! I definitely want to try activating K-0001 Sunday and/or Monday, will update Twitter later with specific passes.

VE3KY will be returning to FN26 for a three day holiday style operation on Sept 16, 17 and 18. I will operate both linear and FM birds and will hopefully try to update operating times and passes on twitter @busman49.

K8BL: I’ll be going back to FN01, 02 & EN92 soon. Looking to do FN14 this Fall.

N8AJM: He is planning to be in EN75 from September 13 to 15. I will try to make as many FM satellite passes Holiday style. He may also be in EN76 for a couple hours on the 14th. POTA is also a possibility. Watch Twitter for updates.

WY7AA: Mini Rove to DN61 and K-4403. Camping in K-4403 Tues afternoon thru Friday. I will try to work some FM and RS-44 passes during the day, and HF SSB and FT8 as time allows. Passes will be based on whatever mountain is in my way where we camp.

ND9M:My tentative op plan for the next three days (9/13-9/15) will be the EN02/EN12 grid line in South Dakota late morning on Mon, 9/13, EN04/EN14 late afternoon on Tue, 9/14, and EN03/EN13 late morning on Wed, 9/15; all times Central. Sat passes to be posted later.

2M0SQL: Wednesday 22nd of September, will be operating as 2M0SQL from IO97 on the North East Coast of Scotland, expect to be on Linear & FM LEO sats, keep an eye on @2m0sql for pass information. Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th of September will be operating as GB2KDR at the Keith and Dufftown Heritage Railway at Dufftown Railway Station (IO87) as part of Railways on the Air (https://rota.barac.org.uk/) expect to be on LEO Linear and FM sats throughout the weekend will try to announce pass info on Twitter @2m0sql

Major Roves:

WL7T is on the road again!!! Watch Twitter for updates. https://twitter.com/WL7T_

  • Sept 16 CN70 & CN71
  • Sept 17 CN80 & CN81
  • Sept 18 CN90 &CN91
  • Sept 19 DN00 & DN01
  • Sept 20 DN10 & DN11
  • Sept 21 DN20 & DN21
  • Sept 22 DN02 & DN03
  • Sept 23 DN12 & DN13

Please submit any additions or corrections to Ke0pbr (at) gmail.com

Updated 09/17/ 2021