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DN70 @Wy7AA as WW0WWV will be in DN70 on Friday 10/2 for many hours. Here is the pass list: Click Here

DM90 or EM01, @AA5PK, 10/3. as of 9/27 he is tentatively planning this.

EM05/06 and EM04/14, @KL7TN, 10/4 and 10/5 Click here for details. 

DK78/ DK79, @XE1HG will be there on Oct 12th so going to activate DK78 and DK79, Holliday style on FM until now, If I have the chance to carry some brick will be on linears too. More to confirm as soon as the date get closer

DM35, DM36 and DM45: @K7TAB 9/23 – 10/1 ish: I will be camping in DM35 and will operate from there occasionally over the next 8-10 days. I will also activate DM36 at some point, probably early to middle of next week. I will also be very near DM45, so Sats & SOTA may happen again!

CN76/77 10/3 and 10/4 @AD0DX Just booked tickets for beautiful Ocean Shores, WA… CN76/CN77 grid line Sat Oct 3 approx 0000z to Sun Oct 4th approx 1700z, pass details closer to the trip

EL Grids, @N1PEB 10/10 -10-14: 10/10 EL95 Key Largo,  10/11 EL94 Key West,  10/12 EL84 Dry Tortuga,  10/13 EL94 Key West, 10/14 TBD

ISS SSTV: An MAI-75 SSTV event is planned for Wed, September 30 starting 13:05 UTC to 18:45 UTC and Thurs, October 1, starting at 12:30 UTC to 17:45 UTC. Slow Scan TV (SSTV) signals to be downlinked at 145.800 MHz +/- Doppler. Mode expected is PD 120.

Major Roves:


**** Postponed *******  DL88: Ron (@AD0DX) and Doug (@N6UA) are making another run at the elusive DL88 in Big Bend National Park, TX. As we know they tried this grid back in March, and due to the mud couldn’t get to the grid, so never ones to quit, off they go again. Today the tentative date is Monday July 6th, 2020. They will be using the K5Z call sign. More information is available at the K5Z QRZ Page.

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Updated 9/30/ 2020



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