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EA4NF:   Phillippe will be on the Fuerteventura island and Gran Canary island SAT DXpedition. They will use Linear & FM satellites August 1-14, 2021. IL27, IL28, IL38

ND0C & @kylee_ke0wpaand I will be “up north” for the next few days and will operate from EN36, 46, and 47. This is a “holiday-style” rove with no specific scheduled passes at this point. Most likely pop-up with short notice. FM and linears

EN56, 57, 67: N8MR will be in EN57, EN67 and EN56 from Aug 7 thru Aug 14. Using an Icom 9700, Arrow antenna and SatPC32 to control uplink and downlink for Doppler.

EN12, EN13: W0AAE will be roving in the EN12-13 grids this upcoming week from August 1-6. I will be doing both linear and FM satellites

Major Roves:


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Updated 07/28/ 2021