Upcoming Satellite Operations

Oahu and Maui (BL01, BL10, BL11) – December 3-14, 2018

John, N7AME, will be in Hawaii December 3-14.  John hopes to rove  BL01, BL10 and BL11, but the Hawaiian Islands appear to have ten (10) different grids, and he hopes he can work all of them.  John can only work FM satellites AO-91 and AO-92.

East Coast Rove, Part Duex (EM91/92, FM02, FM03/13, FM04/14, EM84/94, EM75/85, EM76/86) – December 15-17, 2018

Robert, KE4AL, will head out to complete the second half of his East Coast rove, December 15-17.  Stops include the EM91/EM92 gridline, FM02, and FM03/FM13 gridline on Saturday. Sunday will start out on the FM04/FM14 gridline, followed by EM84/EM94 gridline, EM75/EM85 gridline, and EM76/EM86 gridline.  Specific pass schedule posted at https://twitter.com/KE4ALabama/status/1070888100337979392.  You can follow Robert during the trip on aprs.fi (KE4AL-9) and on his Twitter page https://twitter.com/KE4ALabama.

RMS Queen Mary (DM03) – December 15, 2018

Patrick , WD9EWK, will be part of a day of satellite operating from a deck on the RMS Queen Mary, docked at Long Beach in southern California, on Saturday 15 December 2018. Operations will be portable, almost like a Field Day, and should include FM, SSB, and possibly packet. All operations from the Queen Mary will be as W6RO, the call sign for the wireless room on the
ship operated by the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach. Depending on staffing in the W6RO wireless room, there may also be HF activity during the satellite operation.
QSLing for the W6RO satellite activation will be handled per the procedure on W6RO’s QRZ page: http://www.qrz.com/db/W6RO

Oahu (BL01, BL11) – December 28 thru January 1, 2019,2018

Gabe, AL6D willbe heading to Oahu, Hawaii, at the end of the year.  Plan is to operate from BL01 and BL10, linears and FM.  Trip is dependent on availability of cockpit jumpseat, so subject to cancellation.  Keep an eye on the @AL6D_Alaska Twitter for further updates https://twitter.com/AL6D_Alaska

Central California (CM95, CM96, DM05, DM06) – January 12, 2019

David, AD7DB, will be in the area of Kettleman City CA near a convergence of four grids, operating on FM satellites.
Grids (maybe gridlines) will depend on the satellite passes. Operation expected from 1700 UTC through 2300 UTC.
Updates will be on Twitter as the time approaches: https://twitter.com/ad7db

Quartzfest Arizona (DM23) – January 19-27, 2019

John, N7JY, will be operating FM satellites on a holiday schedule. He may also visit some adjoining grids.
There will likely be other hams operating from the event, located a few miles south of Quartzsite AZ. QSL via LOTW, or you can send your card with SASE

Please submit any additions or corrections to ke4al (at) amsat.org
Updated December 13, 2018