Upcoming Satellite Operations

Wallops Island, VA (FM27) – November 10-15, 2018

John, AB5SS, will be travelling to Wallops Island, VA in support of the Nov. 15 NG-10 Antares/Cygnus launch.  Lucky for us, he is bringing along his Arrow/HT.  Plan is to work SO-50/AO-91/92 passes as work & weather allow from Sat PM – Thur PM.  John will try to post pass announcements on his Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/TxRadioGeek.

Long Island  to Switzerland  (FN30, JN36, JN47) – November 16 – December 7, 2018

Brennan, N4QX, fall ASMAT roving plans:

*   FN30 November 16-17
*   JN36 as HB9/N4QX & from 4U1ITU November 28 – December 7 as work permits
*   JN47 as HB9/N4QX & HB0/N4QX December 1-2

For now, FM only. Watch Twitter for pass announcements. https://twitter.com/BrennanTPrice.  QSLs *exclusively* via Logbook of the World.

Nampa, ID (DN13) – November 17, 2018

Billy, KM6NJL, will be doing a few AMSAT demos in Nampa, Idaho (DN13) on Saturday, November 17th.  Billy plans to work 19:30z AO-91, 20:16z AO-85, and 21:06z AO-91.

Mississippi and Lousisana (EM50, EM40, EL 49, EL59) – November 18-19, 2018

Robert, KE4AL will be operating from Gulfport, MS (EM50) on Sunday, for anyone needing MS for WAS.  On Monday, KE4AL will cross over into Cajun Country to team up with KG5GJT to activate EM40, EL59, and EL49.  Specific pass announcements will be posted to Robert’s Twitter account https://twitter.com/KE4ALabama

Vandenberg AFB (CM94, CM95, DM05/DM15) – November 18-19, 2018

Chris, K7TAB, is heading out to watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket  launch of Spaceflight’s SSO-A rideshare mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, scheduled November 19th.  If launch goes as scheduled, Chris plans to operate from CM94 and CM95 on Monday and DM05/DM15 on Tuesday.  Keep an eye on Chris’ Twitter feed for latest updates https://twitter.com/K7TABravo

Key West, FL (EL94) – November 27 – December 1, 2018

Tanner, W9TWJ, will be vacationing in Key West, Florida from November 27th to December 1 , 2018. While there, he will work as many FM passes as he can (holiday style).  Keep an eye on his Twitter feed for pass announcements, https://twitter.com/twjones85

Greenburg, PA (FN00) – December 10-12, 2018

Tanner, W9TWJ, will be travelling for business the week of December 10th-12th, to Greensburg, PA (FN00). He will attempt to be active on FM evening passes and hopefully not freeze! Specific pass announcements will be posted to Twitter: https://twitter.com/twjones85

RMS Queen Mary (DM03) – December 15, 2018

Patrick , WD9EWK, will be part of a day of satellite operating from a deck on the RMS Queen Mary, docked at Long Beach in southern California, on Saturday 15 December 2018. Operations will be portable, almost like a Field Day, and should include FM, SSB, and possibly packet. All operations from the Queen Mary will be as W6RO, the call sign for the wireless room on the
ship operated by the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach. Depending on staffing in the W6RO wireless room, there may also be HF activity during the satellite operation.
QSLing for the W6RO satellite activation will be handled per the procedure on W6RO’s QRZ page: http://www.qrz.com/db/W6RO
Please submit any additions or corrections to ke4al (at) yahoo.com
Updated November 15, 2018