Upcoming Satellite Operations

Satellite Shorts:

  • EM45,EM46    N4DCW, Oct 13, 1616z to 1810z, FM only
  • EM25,EM35   WI4T,  Oct 15 & 16, holiday style
  • DN04, KI7UNJ   Oct 21, 1653z to 1910z, FM only

Central California (CM95, CM96, DM05, DM06) – October 19, 2019

David AD7DB will re-visit the four grids near Kettleman City CA. AO-91, AO-92, SO-50 will be used, with eastern passes a priority. Maybe PO-101 if it’s on, and AO-85 if it’s not too finicky.  Contacts will be put on LOTW following the trip.  Updates on Twitter https://twitter.com/ad7db

St. Lucia, October 19-28, 2019

Jay, AA4FL, will be in St. Lucia for the J68MD CQWW SSB Contest Team.  Jay will be doing OSCAR satellite operation as J6/AA4FL, by schedule as he is visiting vacation style in varying locations. His schedule will depend on shifts as a team member of the CQWW J68MD team.  E-mail per QRZ to coordinate both FM simple SATs and SSB linear transponder bird QSO schedules.  Radios will be a FT-817ND and FT-818ND for full duplex operation using an Arrow II antenna.

Hawaii (BK19, BK28, BK29, BL20) December 21-28, 2019

Alex, N7AGF, is heading back to Hawaii over Christmas. This will be a holiday-style activation, with special empahasis on the grid that got away – BK28. Keep an eye on Alex’s Twitter feed for further announcements: https://twitter.com/N7AGF

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Updated October 13, 2019