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Upcoming Roves:

Misc Items:

Do you need Hawaii? NH7WN on AO-7 Most days. Reach out for a schedule

There is an ISS SSTV event scheduled for August 4-5, 145.880, Click here for details

Quick Hits:

EN57, EN56, EN67, 8/2 – 8/8, N8MR, he will be in EN57 from August 2nd through August 8th. He may also activate EN56 and 67. Roving will be holiday style.

EN56, 8/4, @KC9BKA: You can also DM him for EN55 if you need it!

DN16, 8/5-8/8, @n7egy : Maybe even DN35 on 8/5!

EM50 . EM51,  8/8 – 8/9 @KB5FHK is heading home to MS! Maybe even EM50 & EM51

DM59, 8/8 – 8/10, @Ledger (Sorry AK7DD): FM and Linear. Maybe even the 58/59 gridline.

DM97/98 & EM08/09, 8/29 & 8/30: Super Rover @ADoDX is heading out for the Kansas QSO party and N0E. More to come.

Major Roves:

@AD0HJ, is heading out again for the South Dakota Super Rove Part I Rove Map: Grids DN74, DN75, DN84, DN85, DN94, DN95, EN04, EN05, EN14, EN15, EN16, and EN17. July 31st through August 7th. Click here to get passes and times  Then as if that isn’t enough, there is more: South Dakota Super Rove Part II Rove Map: Grids DN73, DN82, DN83, DN92, DN93, EN02, EN03, EN12, EN24, and EN25. August 17th through August 21st.


**** Postponed *******  DL88: Ron (@AD0DX) and Doug (@N6UA) are making another run at the elusive DL88 in Big Bend National Park, TX. As we know they tried this grid back in March, and due to the mud couldn’t get to the grid, so never ones to quit, off they go again. Today the tentative date is Monday July 6th, 2020. They will be using the K5Z call sign. More information is available at the K5Z QRZ Page.

Please submit any additions or corrections to Ke0pbr (at) gmail.com
Updated 8/3/ 2020


Current Gridmaster Heat Map: @GridMasterHeat