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****Watch Twitter, there are lots pop-up roves happening lately, and I can’t keep this page updated with all of them.****

Spring Training Rove! KX9X will be heading down to Ft Myers, FL the week of March 7 for some sun and baseball. Will activate EL86 & 96 holiday style for sure, possibly a couple other grids as well. Linear/FM. Details soon. 

@K8BL will be in EM54 3/4 – 3/7.

@N6DNM: Primarily BL11, and maybe BL01 at least once, vacation style Feb 28 to Mar 5.

@WY7AA: Watching the weather, but I should be camping in DN74 3/5-3/7 with a full day of satellites on the DN74/84 line in SD on Saturday, 3/6. Holiday style the remainder of the trip. FM and SSB. Updates as we get closer



Major Roves:

W7LT: DN04/05/14/15/24/25/27/28/34/35/37/38/47/48 schedule … subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Will try to stick to it as best I can. Click here for details

CM93 Possibility:  N6DNM Very long shot, but might want to put it on your calendar for May 15th, if you can figure out where it is and for #SOTA folks, that would be W6/SC-336, Santa Rosa Island, activated only once before.


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Updated 02/27/ 2021