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K4DCW: Four of the next six weekends (starting week of 9/7) look to be full of SOTA summits! Alerts are posted, and depending on timing should include some @Sats_and_SOTA   when possible. Look for me this weekend in EM85. Click here for details: Here

AD7DB: Going to Arizona next weekend, and plan to activate DM44 on Sat 10/08/22. FM passes, I’ll figure out the schedule later. Maybe other nearby PHX grids on the weekend.

W7WGC: Upcoming, mostly “POTA,” rove. Northwest coast of Oregon, grids CN74, CN75, CN76, CN85 & CN86. Sept. 28th – October 3rd-ish. FM and Linear birds.

LA7XK / JW7xK: Starting in the evening on Oct .5 ending in the morning on Oct. 10. I will be QRV on RS-44 from Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Locator is JQ78TF

M1DDD: activity ‘holiday style’ (family) 11-16 October 2022 IO70 (basecamp) IN79 hopefully a full day (FM/Lin) possibly IN69 (FM only, couple hours one afternoon) Updates on Twitter and hams.at

AD0HJ: DN72,DN73, DN82, DN83, DN92, DN93: Oct. 4th, 5th and 6th. Mitch is going to check out the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention. He will be making several stops on the way to do satellite activations from six lonely grid squares.

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Updated 10/2/ 2022