Upcoming Satellite Operations

Utah (DM48, DM58) – April 14-19, 2019

Bob, N6REK, will be roving in Utah from April 13 to the 19th.  He plans to be on from DM58 from April 14-17, and then DM48 from April 17-19.  Bob will be FM satellites only, using the call sign N6REK/7, and he will post the specific passes on the amsat-bb when we get closer to those dates.

Liechtenstein (JN47) – April 17-19, 2019

Phillippe, EA4NF, is off on another DXpedition.  This time, he is heading to HB0/Lichtenstein.  Phillippe will operate under the call sign HB0/EA4NF from Leichtenstein and HB9/EA4NF from Switzerland (JN47s, on both FM and SSB satellites.  QSL via LoTW.  Updated info & Pass announcements (Time+Frequencies) available on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EA4NF_SAT

VA, MD, DC and NC – April 17-19, 2019

Randy, WI7P, hopes to be roving FM satellite passes April 17-29 from VA, MD, DC, and NC.  Planned grids include EM 97.98  FM 07,08,09,16,18,19,25,26,27, and a slim chance for FM05 and FM06.  These will be a “holiday style” activations.  Randy’s current VUCC/r count is 296 confirmed (298 worked from).   See www.emeshack.com for where he’s worked from in the past.  If you hear Jim on a pass and he’s not getting any QSOs, give him a call (even if you don’t need the grid) to help him increase his grid activated/confirmed count in LoTW.  Keep an eye on Randy’s Twitter feed for possible announcements https://twitter.com/wi7p1

Arizona to West Virginia – April 18-21, 2019

Chris. K7TAB, is heading towards WV April 18th to 21st, a 2200-mile sprint.  The priority is to cover distance, but he’ll need to take some breaks to rotate coffee and work satellite passes.  Grids along I-40 in AZ/NM/TX/OK, I-44 in OK/MO, I-70 om O:/IN/OH/PA are all fair game!  FM + Linears.  Chris has a nice grid map with his route posted on his Twitter feed and will post pass availability when he can.  https://twitter.com/K7TABravo

Destin, FL (EM60) – April 18-22, 2019

Brian, KG5GJT, will be in Destin, Florida April 18-22.  This is a family vacation trip, so no set passes.  Brian will announce on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KG5GJT

Beach Run (EL86) – April 20-22, 2019

James, W4WPX, will be heading to EL86 April 20-22 and operating FM birds, vacation style, from the beach.  Watch for Twitter updates on Saturday, after he arrives https://twitter.com/k4wpx

Isles of Scilly (IN69) – April 20-27, 2019

A team consisting G4EDG, G4ELZ and G4GSA will be active from St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly EU-011 as GB5SM during April 20-27, 2019. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB/Digi. Possible satellite activity too. QSL via LZ1JZ. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW & Club Log

Acapulco (EK06) – April 21-23, 2019

Omar, XE1AO, will be on vacations in Acapulco Guerrero grid EK06, April 21-23. If family activities allow, Omar will try FM satellites at night as XE1AO. Twitter updates possible at https://twitter.com/XE1AO

Central and Northern Maine (FN53, FN54, FN55, FN56, FN57, FN65, FN66< FN67) – April 26-28, 2019

Join Matt, W1PY and Sean, KX9X as they team up for a weekend of ham radio through the Pine Tree State! Follow them as they activate the Potato Field grids of central and northern Maine for the satellite community, and hit some state parks on HF for the Parks on the Air and WWFF communities. There will also be spontaneous activations of curious roadside attractions as they roll through.

Grids to be activated on satellite:  FN53 – 54 – 55 – 56 – 57 – 65 -66 – 67. A special effort will be made to activate the grid intersection of FN56-57-66-67 in the potato field north of Caribou.  Detailed satellite operations schedule to be announced ASAP.

For more information, check out https://t.co/2irvAUBvAu and keep an eye on Sean’s Twitter feed https://twitter.com/SeanKutzko.

California (DM15) – April 27, 2019

Dave, AD7DB, will be in DM15 in the high desert town of North Edwards CA, just outside Edwards AFB.  Planned passes are AO-91, AO-92 and SO-50.  More exact details on Twitter https://twitter.com/ad7db as the time approaches.

Huatulco, Oaxaca State, Mexico (EK15) – May 2-5, 2019

XE1R will activate the rare Oaxaca State grid EK15, from 2 to 5 May.  This will be a portable FM-only activation using the call sign XE1R/XE3.  Keep on eye on his Twitter feed for further updates https://twitter.com/XE1R

Northern Border Security Check (Minnesota to Washington) – April 29 to May 4 or 5th, 2019

Alex, N7AGF, is all set for his semiannual rover trip to activate rare and somewhat rare grids, from April 29th to May 4th or 5th (or longer depending on how things go).  Alex will fly into Minneapolis and drive back to my home grid CN88, activating as many ENx8,ENx7,DNx8,and DNx7 grids as possible along the route.  The hope is to hit many corners and lines.

Alex  will be on both linear and FM birds.

As always, activations and route details will be posted to his Twitter @N7AGF at https://twitter.com/N7AGF .  Alex will also be on APRS at https://aprs.fi/N7AGF-10 . In areas of limited cell service, he’ll be using inReach.

Email or hit Alex on twitter with grid requests, route suggestions, or hot tourist attractions in Minot.

Northeast North Dakota (EN06/EN07/EN08/EN16/EN17/EN18) – May 2-5, 2019

Mitch, AD0HJ, is heading out to the Grand Forks, ND Hamfest on May 4th, but also just goofing off for a few days in the general area.  Mitch will be limited to working the FM Satellites only (SO-50, AO-91, AO-92). Plans are to work EN17/18 on May 2, EN07/08 on May 3, EN17/18 again on May 4 (day of hamfest), and then EN06/16 on May 5. A full pass schedule will be viewable on the Twitter announcement https://twitter.com/KE4ALabama/status/1116524856781230080, and up-to-date pass info on Mitch’s Twitter feed https://twitter.com/AD0HJ.

Southwest South Dakota (DN83++) – May 19-23, 2019

Clayton, W5PFG, will be operating from DN83 on all FM/SSB satellites holiday-style , May 19-23. Open to schedules with EU.  In the days proceeding he’ll be on from DN91 and in the days following from DN74, DN71, potentially DN70, and lastly DM99. Twitter @w5pfg

Pacific Northwest (CN85, CN83/CN84, CN76/CN86) – May 31 to June 2, 2019

Casey, KI7UNJ, will be on in CN83/84 Friday, May 31st, CN85 Saturday, June 1st, and CN76/86 Sunday, June 2nd.  Pass list to come in next few weeks.

Iceland (HP95 IP15 IP25 IP03 HP03) – July 13-19, 2019

Adam, K0FFY, is taking his family (and his radios) to Iceland.  Tentative schedule is HP95 July 13, IP13 and IP15 July 14-15, IP25 July 16, IP03 or HP93 July 17-18, and HP94 July 19.  There’s a lot to see, so passes will be best effort and announced on Twitter shortly prior.  https://twitter.com/K0FFY_Radio

Please submit any additions or corrections to ke4al (at) amsat.org
Updated April 18, 2019