Joe Spier, K6WAO, Resigns as AMSAT President

Joe Spier, K6WAO

Joe Spier, K6WAO, has tendered his resignation as AMSAT President, citing personal reasons. Spier had served as AMSAT’s President since October 2017. Prior to his tenure as President, Spier served as AMSAT’s Executive Vice President and Vice President – Educational Relations. He also served as an AMSAT News Service Editor and as a member of the ARISS Education Team.

Under the AMSAT bylaws, Executive Vice President Paul Stoetzer, N8HM, assumes the office of President until the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

Stoetzer said “I want to thank Joe for his many years of service to AMSAT in a variety of roles. I especially want to recognize his efforts to mark AMSAT’s 50th Anniversary with special events at the Dayton Hamvention and AMSAT Symposium. His leadership in bringing together a variety of figures from the history of amateur radio in space in Arlington, VA this past fall helped to make the Symposium a very special event.”