CAMSAT CAS-6 Satellite to Launch December 20th

CAMSAT’s CAS-6 satellite is scheduled to launch at 03:21 UTC on December 20, 2019. CAS-6 is a payload on the technology test satellite Tianqin-1, which will launch on a CZ-4B launch vehicle from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The primary payload on this launch is the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS-4A).

CAS-6 will be launched to a sun-synchronous orbit at 629 km with an inclination of 97.89 degrees. The satellite carries a 20 kHz wide U/v linear transponder with an uplink of 435.270 MHz –  435.290 MHz and a downlink of 145.915 MHz – 145.935 MHz. The satellite also carries a CW telemetry beacon at 145.910 MHz and a 4k8 GMSK telemetry downlink at 145.890 MHz.

Telemetry downlink specifications and further technical information can be found in the following documents:



CAS-6 / Tianqin-1
CAS-6 / Tianqin-1
CAMSAT News Release for CAS-6 Satellie CAS-6 CW Telemetry Encoding Format CAS-6 Satellites Digital Telemetry Description