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In this edition:

  • Post Tropical Storm Ian: Artemis 1 Launch Window Rescheduled for November
  • Final Call for Papers – 2022 AMSAT Space Symposium & Annual General Meeting
  • 40th Annual AMSAT Space Symposium and General Meeting, October 21 – 22, 2022
  • AMSAT-UK Space Colloquium October 8-9, 2022
  • Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX, is Elected as Next ITU Secretary General
  • VUCC Satellite Standing October 2022
  • ARISS News
  • Upcoming Satellite Operations
  • Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution for October 6, 2022
  • Hamfests, Conventions, Maker Faires, and Other Events
  • Satellite Shorts From All Over

DATE 2022 October 9

Post Tropical Storm Ian: Artemis 1 Launch Window Rescheduled for November

Teams at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida conducted initial inspections Friday to assess potential impacts from Hurricane Ian. There was no damage to Artemis flight hardware, and facilities are in good shape with only minor water intrusion identified in a few locations. Next, engineers will extend access platforms around the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to prepare for additional inspections and start preparation for the next launch attempt, including retesting the flight termination system.

As teams complete post-storm recovery operations, NASA has determined it will focus Artemis I launch planning efforts on the launch period that opens Nov. 12 and closes Nov. 27. Over the coming days, managers will assess the scope of work to perform while in the VAB and identify a specific date for the next launch attempt. Focusing efforts on the November launch period allows time for employees at Kennedy to address the needs of their families and homes after the storm and for teams to identify additional checkouts needed before returning to the pad for launch.

[ANS thanks NASA for the above information]

Final Call for Papers – 2022 AMSAT Space Symposium & Annual General Meeting

This is a call for papers for the 40th annual AMSAT Space Symposium to be held on the weekend of October 21-22, 2022 at the Crowne Plaza Suites hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Proposals for symposium papers and presentations are invited on any topic of interest to the amateur satellite community. We request a tentative title of your presentation as soon as possible, with final copy submitted by October 14 for inclusion in the symposium proceedings. Abstracts and papers should be sent to Dan Schultz, N8FGV at n8fgv at

[ANS thanks Dan Schultz, N8FGV, AMSAT Symposium Proceedings Editor, for the above information.]

40th AMSAT Space Symposium and Annual General Meeting, October 21-22

The 40th AMSAT Space Symposium and Annual General Meeting will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota. on Oct. 21-22, 2022. Highlights of all scheduled events include:

– AMSAT Board of Directors Meeting, October 20-21
– 40th AMSAT Space Symposium and Annual General Meeting, October 21-22
– Friday Night Social and Auction, October 21
– AMSAT Banquet and Reception, October 22
– AMSAT Ambassador Breakfast, October 23

A preliminary schedule is available on the AMSAT Member Portal,, under the Events tab.

Crowne Plaza is located adjacent to the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport and provides complimentary, scheduled shuttle to and from the airport. Nearby attractions include Mall of America with Nickelodeon Universe Theme park, Target Field, and the Minnesota Zoo.

Hotel reservations at reduced rate may no longer be available as Sunday, October 2nd was the announced deadline. You can still make hotel reservations by calling the hotel directly at (952) 854-9000. The group code is ASG (Amateur Satellite Group). Hotel reservations can also be made online at the following link:

Symposium tickets and banquet reservations may be purchased on the AMSAT Member Portal. Log into and clock on the Events tab.

We at AMSAT, are excited to be able to host an in-person Symposium this year. We hope that you can join us in celebrating Amateur Radio in Space.

[ANS thanks AMSAT for the above information.]

The 2022 AMSAT President’s Club coins have arrived!
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its launch on
October 15, 1972, this year’s coin features
an image of AMSAT-OSCAR 6.
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AMSAT-UK Colloquium Talks are being Live-Streamed this weekend

The talks given at the AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium are being streamed live to a global audience over this weekend (October 8-9, 2022). The weekend event attracts an international audience that ranges from those involved in building and operating Amateur Radio satellites to beginners who wish to find out more about this fascinating branch of the hobby. There will be including a roundup of a number of new live and potential spacecraft projects that are under investigation and/or development.

The streaming on Sunday will run from 0830-1415 GMT.

Th streaming URL is

A link to the schedule of talks is available at

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK for the above information.]


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Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX, is Elected as Next ITU Secretary General

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, has announced the election of Doreen Bogdan-Martin of the United States of America as the next ITU Secretary-General. Bogdan-Martin will assume office on January 1, 2023. She is radio amateur; call sign KD2JTX.

The election took place during ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-22) in Bucharest, Romania, on Thursday, September 29, 2022. Bogdan-Martin won the position with 139 votes, out of 172 votes cast by representatives of Member States.

Read the ITU press release

“This is an exciting development for ITU,” said International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) President Tim Ellam, VE6SH. “…she will be the first female SG [Secretary General] and only the third to hold an amateur license. Doreen has an exciting agenda for ITU.”

The US Department of State has published a statement from Bogdan-Martin, as well as her biography, and vision.

“She will make an outstanding ITU Secretary-General and one IARU will be proud to work with on behalf of the Amateur Services,” said Ellam.

[ANS thanks ARRL News for the above information.]

VUCC Satellite Standing October 2022

VUCC Satellite Award/Endorsement Change Summary for September 01, 2022 to October 02, 2022.
WA4NVM 1609 1632
K8DP 1322 1350
N8RO 1139 1151
AA5PK 1132 1149
N9EAT 843 910
N3GS 729 796
KE8RJU 577 650
WA4HFN 611 631
KE8FZT 576 625
W8LR 619 623
S57NML 508 615
VE1CWJ ??? 609
DF2ET 500 601
EA2AA 566 594
AD0HJ 500 523
N0GVK 311 401
KB1HY 353 395
NA1ME 327 350
VE7PTN 294 301
W3VHF 210 250
JH0BBE 206 226
VA3VGR 164 209
NK1K 194 204
WD9EWK (DM22) 189 195
WD9EWK (DM42) 164 171
PA7RA 156 160
I2OIM New 155
XE1UYS New 126
IK8YTA New 106
Z31RQ New 103
AA9VI New 100
KE8RPJ New 100
KF2T New 100
VE7CYA New 100
W9LN New 100
Congratulations to the new VUCC holders.
XE1UYS is first VUCC Satellite holder from EK19
I2OIM is first VUCC Satellite holder from JN45
Z31RQ is first VUCC Satellite holder from Macedonia and 1st from KN01

73 Jon N7AZ

[ANS thanks Jon Goering, N7AZ, AMSAT VUCC Manager for the above information.]


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Amateurs and others around the world may listen in on contacts between amateurs operating in schools and allowing students to interact with astronauts and cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station. The downlink frequency on which to listen is 145.800 MHz worldwide.

Harris Middle School, Spruce Pine, N.C., direct via K4CF. The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be NA1SS. The downlink frequency is presently scheduled to be 145.800 MHz. The scheduled crewmember is Bob Hines KI5RQT.
Contact is go for: Tue 2022-10-11 15:00:45 UTC 34 deg

Regional Communications Center of Russian Railways, Vologda, Russia, direct via TBD (***). The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be RSØISS. The downlink frequency is presently scheduled to be 145.800 MHz. The scheduled crewmember is Anna Kikina (***). Contact is go for Thu 2022-10-13 08:55 UTC (***)

Kjell Lindgren KO5MOS continues to be making general contacts on the cross-band repeater. He is using NA1SS. If any crewmember is so inclined, all they have to do is pick up the microphone, raise the volume up, and talk on the crossband repeater. So give a listen, you just never know.

Two IIS Crew-5 astronauts have amateur radio callsigns. Josh A. Cassada (Crew-5 Pilot) is KI5CRH. JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata (Mission Specialist) is KC5ZTA. The NASA SpaceX Crew-5 mission to the ISS was launched on Wednesday October 5.

The latest information on the operation mode can be found at

The latest list of frequencies in use can be found at

[ANS thanks Charlie Sufana, AJ9N, one of the ARISS operation team mentors and NASA News for the above information]


AMSAT, along with our ARISS partners, is developing an Amateur
Radio package, including two-way communication capability, to
be carried on-board Gateway in lunar orbit.

Support AMSAT’s projects today at


Upcoming Satellite Operations

Quick Hits:

K4DCW: Four of the six weekends starting week of 9/7 thru 10/16 look to be full of SOTA summits! Alerts are posted, and depending on timing should include some @Sats_and_SOTA when possible. Look for me this weekend in EM85. Click here for details:

LA7XK / JW7XK: Starting in the evening on Oct .5 ending in the morning on Oct. 10. I will be QRV on RS-44 from Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Locator is JQ78TF

M1DDD: activity ‘holiday style’ (family) 11-16 October 2022 IO70 (basecamp) IN79 hopefully a full day (FM/Lin) possibly IN69 (FM only, couple hours one afternoon) Updates on Twitter and

KB2YSI: will be roving 10/7-11, FN10,FM18,EL98,97,96,95,94,84,rough schedule attached & subject to change without notice. The Dry Tortugas National Park is currently closed, but 10/16 will be ad hoc passes on the trip GA->NY:

[ANS thanks Paul Overn, KE0PBR, AMSAT rover page manager and AMSAT for the above information]

Changes to AMSAT-NA TLE Distribution for October 6, 2022

The following satellite has been added BACK to this week’s AMSAT-NA TLE distribution:

AO-16 NORAD Cat ID 20439 (TNX to Mark Hammond, N8MH, for this “heads up”).
Per Mark Hammond, N8MH, AO-16 has entered a period of full sunlight for the first time in many years. Based on past experience, AO-16 might warm up and wake up. So, use the AO-16 TLE to listen for an old friend.

The following satellites have decayed from orbit and have been removed from this week’s AMSAT-NA TLE distribution:

ELFIN-B NORAD Cat ID 43616 (decayed from orbit on 9/30/22 per Space-Track).
BINAR-1 NORAD Cat ID 49272 (decayed from orbit on 9/30/22 per Space-Track).

[ANS thanks Ray Hoad, WA5QGD, AMSAT Orbital Elements Manager, for the above information]

Hamfests, Conventions, Maker Faires, and Other Events

AMSAT Ambassadors provide presentations, demonstrate communicating through amateur satellites, and host information tables at club meetings, hamfests, conventions, maker faires, and other events.

AMSAT Ambassador Schedules:

AMSAT Ambassador and ARRL instructor Clint Bradford, K6LCS, has these upcoming “Working Amateur Satellites With Your HT” sessions …

Tri-State Amateur Radio Society, Indiana
Northern CA DX Club
Radio Amateurs of Greater Syracuse (NY)

A re-scheduled presentation to SOARA – the South Orange County (CA) Amateur Radio Association. Clint’s local ER and cardiologist had unplanned and unexpected procedures for him last month when the SOARA session was originally scheduled – but all is a “GO!” now for SOARA!

AMSAT Ambassadors make it their missions to show ALL that they really can work FM voice satellites – including the International Space Station – with minimal equipment … gear that many probably already own.

Clint has presented his session more than 150 times to clubs, conventions, and hamfests in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. A recent attendee wrote:

“I really enjoyed Clint’s presentation last night. The fact that he had taken the time to research and know something about his audience and welcomed interaction made it very informative and enjoyable. This was a refreshing change from many canned YouTube presentations I’ve tried to watch, which were poorly done, fuzzy video or muddy audio, or a badly prepared presenter stumbling his way through, with any valuable info lost along the way. Thanks for hooking this one up.”

Do you think your club or convention would be interested in a 75-minute live Zoom presentation on working the “easy” satellites? Send an email or call!

Clint Bradford K6LCS
– Voicemail – (909) 999-SATS
– Email – k6lcs AT

Scheduled Events with AMSAT involvement:

Hamfests and Conventions

40th Annual AMSAT Space Symposium and General Meeting
October 21–22, 2022
The Crowne Plaza Suites
3 Appletree Square, Bloomington, MN

[ANS thanks Paul Overn, KE0PBR, AMSAT Events Page Manager, for the above information]

Satellite Shorts From All Over

+ SpaceX to save Hubble? At SpaceX’s request, NASA and SpaceX signed an unfunded Space Act Agreement to cooperate on a six-month study of the feasibility for a Polaris Program mission to boost Hubble’s orbit. Without a boost, the thrusterless telescope is expected to re-enter and burn up around 2037—now at ~535 km, it has lost about 30 km since the final Shuttle visit 13 years ago. It seems Jared Isaacman’s nascent commercial space program is looking for useful things to do, and this certainly qualifies. Their first mission, Polaris Dawn, is scheduled for NET March 2023 and includes plans for the first commercial spacewalk. If NASA decides to move forward with the reboost, other companies will also likely get to bid (perhaps unless Polaris decides to do it for free). Related: NASA originally envisioned periodically boosting Hubble with an uncrewed Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle as an augment to the Shuttle program. (ANS thanks The Orbital Index for the above information)

+ Two NASA astronauts, a veteran Japanese space flier, and the first Russian cosmonaut to launch on a U.S. spacecraft since 2002 soared into orbit Wednesday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, in what could signal an easing of tension between NASA and the new leadership of the Russian space agency. The four-person crew rode a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to docking at the space station at 5:01 p.m. EDT (2101 GMT) Thursday to begin a five-month science expedition. (ANS thanks Spaceflight Now for the above information)

+ Firefly reaches orbit. After its dramatic launch failure a year ago, and a last-second T-0 launch abort (after ignition) a few days ago, Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha rocket has now reached orbit. The 3am launch from Vandenberg was visible up and down the California coast. Onboard were educational and tech demonstration cubesats and an open source PicoBus deployer (source) from Libra Space Foundation which carries tiny PocketQube satellites from them (satellite tracking), FOSSA Systems (IoT), and AMSAT-EA (amateur radio). The Alpha small-lift launch vehicle is the first rocket powered by a tap-off cycle to reach orbit and is also the first in a bevy of new rockets in the 1,000 kg to LEO / 745 kg to SSO class, with Terran 1, Miura 5, and RS-1 all on the way. Its most direct current competitors are the Long March 6 and JAXA’s Epsilon, leaving it with little immediate Western commercial competition. Firefly’s next vehicle, currently named MLV, is a Falcon 9 competitor with a capacity of 13 tons to LEO. (ANS thanks The Orbital Index for the above information)

+ Sergei Krikalev, head of Russia’s human space flight programs, told reporters that Roscosmos had started “to discuss extending our participation in ISS program with our government and hope to have permission to continue next year.” With ties between Russia and the West rupturing over the war in Ukraine, Roscosmos chief Yuri Borissov had announced over the summer that Russia would leave the ISS “after 2024”, and would seek to build its own space station. He has not set a firm date for that plan.(ANS thanks Space Daily and AFP for the above information)

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