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Detailed Satellite Information

Status Page
Amateur Satellite Status

This overview page will provide you with a quick and easy view of the amateur satellite fleet. Clicking on a satellite name provides detailed satellite information.

History Page
Chronology of Amateur Satellites

This page will provide you with a chronology of amateur satellites from the original OSCAR to the latest launches. Links are provided to detailed satellite information

Frequency Page
A Chart of Satellite Frequencies

This page lists all satellite frequencies that have been used. There is a link to see what frequencies are in use at this time and more detail about indivual satellites

Learn about Satellite Projects


Learn more about AMSAT's newest satellite design

P3-E Express

Learn more about AMSAT-DL's high orbit satellite design

Satellite Programs in Development

Information about the latest satellites under development and/or waiting for launch. Links are provided to the sponsoring organization

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