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AMSAT and M2 Antenna Systems LEO-Pack AMSAT Member-Only Special Pricing

The436CP16 and 2MCP8A are light weight, circularly polarized antennas optimized for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite communications or other applications where a small circular polarized antenna is required. Optimum match and gain designed for the satellite band.

Rear mounted for easy coaxial cable routing. A preamp (not included) can be mounted close to the antenna for almost no coax loss before the preamp, maximizing your receive performance.

Computer design techniques help keep spurious side lobes down for optimum signal to noise ratios. Both the 436CP16 and 2MCP8A feature the same CNC machined, O-ring and silicone-gel sealed, driven element assemblies common to all M2 Yagi Antennas. This insures years of trouble free performance regardless of weather.

M2 designed a custom LEO cross boom to pair these two antennas together for a very manageable amateur satellite ground station.

Detailed specifications may be found at these links to the M2 website:



AMSAT and M2 Antenna Systems are pleased to announce that the LEO-Pack system is being offered to AMSAT members only at $629, shipping included (US only).

Non-members can join AMSAT at time of purchase to participate in this special purchase.

The LEO-Pack will then be dropshipped to the purchaser from M2, who estimates that the production time after the order is received will be 2-3 weeks.

M2 is developing switches to enable the selection of either right hand or left hand circular polarization.  These switches are not currently available, but may be added to the basic antennas at a later time. AMSAT will consider making them available once M2 begins production.

The special pricing is available for AMSAT members.  Please place your callsign and AMSAT membership number if known in the comments section at
checkout.  You may include a membership if not a current member in the order.

Because of the wide range of shipping charges to non-US destinations, please contact the AMSAT office directly.

You will receive a significant discount equal to the US shipping, but we will need to include a surcharge to compensate for the higher international shipping.

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