FoxTelem 1.02 Released

FoxTelem Version 1.02 is now available for download. Like the last
release, you can patch your installation by downloading the patch file. In
this case it is a single file to replace.

You can download it from here:

Everyone should upgrade to 1.02 because this readies FoxTelem for
transition to the new Telemetry Server which will be more reliable.

Additionally this release fixes a number of issues and adds the ability to
download data from the Server to view/analyze in FoxTelem. If you download
data, please make sure you save it into a separate directory to your local
data, otherwise you will over write it. Of course frequent backups of your
data minimize this risk.

The release notes are below:

* Fixed bug where opening the Fox-1A spacecraft menu would cause a crash
* Added horizontal and vertical lines to the graphs if button clicked
* Fixed Typo on measurements tab
* Fixed a bug where UTC was not displayed for the Diagnostic tables
* Capture the string version of the STP date in ENGLISH for all users, but
leave other dates in local language
* Fixed bug where TCA date could be null and a SERIOUS error was reported
* Fixed issue where the tabs were always refreshed when the spacecraft
menu closed
* Fixed bug where UTC date was sometimes wrong on the spacecraft T0 panel
* Ready FoxTelem for sending server data via TCP
* Support downloading data from the server

Chris E. Thompson
[email protected]
[email protected]