CAMSAT Submits Frequency Coordination Requests for 3 Satellites Scheduled for September 2018 Launch

CAMSAT, the Chinese Amateur Satellite Group, has submitted requests to the IARU for frequency coordination for three new amateur satellites.

CAS-5A is a 6U CubeSat with several amateur transponders: A 30 kHz wide 15 meter to 10 meter linear transponder, a 15 kHz wide 15 meter to 70 cm linear transponder, a 30 kHz wide 2 meter to 70 cm linear transponder, and a 2 meter to 70 cm FM repeater. The satellite also has 10 meter and 70 cm CW beacons as well as a 70 cm 4.8k / 9.6k GMSK telemetry downlink.

CAS-5B is a 90 mm L x 80 mm W x 50 mm H 0.5 kg femtosatellite with a 70 cm CW beacon.

CAS-5A and CAS-5B are scheduled to launch in September from Jiuguan Launch Center into a 539 km x 533 km 97.5 degree inclination orbit.

CAS-6 is an amateur payload aboard a 50 kg microsatellite with a 20 kHz wide 70 cm to 2 m linear transponder, a VHF CW beacon, and a 4.8k GMSK telemetry downlink. Launch is planned from a Sea Launch Pad from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in September into a 579 km x 579 km 45 degree inclination orbit.

CAS-5A coordination request:

CAS-5B coordination request:

CAS-6 coordination request: