Phase 5 / Phase 4B 5.7 GHz LNA Prototype

Continued progress with the Phase 5 (CQC) and Phase 4B satellite missions – Marc Franco, N2UO, provided these photos showing the mechanical prototype of the 5.7 GHz LNA that AMSAT is developing for the P5 (lunar) and P4B (geosynchronous) satellites. (Unfortunately, due to ITAR restrictions, we cannot share any more details.)

Phase 4B Weekly Ground Engineering Report

From Michelle Thompson via the AMSAT North America Facebook group. So what happened when I finally got to the lab? Well, we able to obtain an example flow graph, with some controversy between installations, for DVB. Here is a DVB S2 transmitter in GNUradio. After some troubleshooting to get it to work with the X310, … Read more

Update on AMSAT Phase 4 Ground Terminal Development

AMSAT’s Phase 4 Ground Terminal team was established in April 2015, and has grown rapidly since October 2015. We have a lot of new people, and a lot of new things to think about, provide, and consider going forward. Who are we and what are we doing? Phase 4 Ground is an AMSAT sponsored all-volunteer … Read more