AMSAT is Moving at Dayton, but not very far!

This year there will be some changes in the Ball Arena, and the AMSAT exhibit will be part of that change.  For the past several years, we have been is a single line, directly across from the ARRL exhibit.  Beginning this year, we will have a 3 X 3 booth arrangement, with the engineering and software display on one side of the aisle, and the donation and display area on the opposite side.  The booth numbers are now 444-446 and 433-435.  We will be very near the old exhibit area, within sight of the ARRL exhibit. The new Ball Arena layout should make access to all the exhibits easier.

A PDF file of the Hara Convention Center, including the new Ball Arena layout can be found here.

AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Nominations Solicited

AMSAT-NA Board of Directors Nominations Solicited

It is time to submit nominations for the upcoming open seats on the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors. A nomination requires either one Member Society or five current individual members in good standing to nominate an AMSAT-NA member for the position. Four director’s terms expire this year: Barry Baines, WD4ASW, Alan Biddle, WA4SCA, Drew Glasbrenner, K04MA, and Tony Monteiro, AA2TX.

In addition to traditional submission of written nominations, which remains unchanged and is the preferred method, nominations may be made by electronic means. These include e-mail, FAX, or electronic image of a petition. Electronic petitions should be sent to [email protected] or faxed to 301-608-3410. Written nominations, consisting of names, calls and individual signatures should be mailed to: AMSAT-NA, 850 Sligo Ave #600, Silver Spring, MD, 20910.

No matter what means is used, petitions MUST arrive no later than June 15th at the AMSAT-NA office. If the nomination is a traditional written nomination, no other action is required. If it is other than this, i.e. electronic, a verifying traditional written petition MUST be received at the AMSAT-NA office at the above address within 7 days following the close of nominations on June 15th. ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT THIS SECOND, WRITTEN VERIFICATION ARE NOT VALID UNDER THE EXISTING AMSAT-NA BYLAWS.

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Antares PhoneSat Cubesat Launch Now Planned for April 21

Photo credit: Orbital Sciences Corporation

Three PhoneSat cubesats will be aboard the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares(TM) rocket from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) in eastern Virginia. Orbital Sciences reports on their website the soonest that the Antares rocket can be ready to retry the launch is April 19. The launch on April 20 was postponed because of unfavorable weather conditions. The next launch attempt is currently scheduled for April 21 at 2100 UTC. The launch will be broadcast on NASA TV. The April 17 launch attempt was scrubbed.

Phonesat carries an amateur radio payload on 437.425 MHz, was chosen as one of the winners in the Aerospace category for the Popular Science magazine “Best of What’s New 2012” awards. The PhoneSat is a technology demonstration mission consisting of three 1U CubeSats intended to prove that a smartphone can be used to perform many of the functions required of a spacecraft bus.

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