NO-44 (PCsat)

NO-44 was launched 30 September, 2001 at 0240Z aboard the “Kodiak Star”, a Lockheed-Martin Athena I launch vehicle. This was the first launch from the Kodiak Island Launch Complex. NO-44 was one of four payloads on this launch, which was a collaborative effort between NASA and the DoD. NO-44 was built by Navy midshipmen.

Battery issues caused problem on the satellite resulting periods where it would be reset three times a year. Ultimately, NO-44’s mission was declared at an end on 26 April 2003, and dead on 17 July, although this seemed a bit premature. The satellite was alive and well in September of the same year and was functional for the period of 13 September 2003 – 9 October 2003.

Since this time, there have been numerous attempts to totally recover the satellite, but further attempts have been stopped. NO-44 remains on and active when conditions are favorable for sunlight, usually in mid-day passes, although by the time it covers about 30-45 minutes into eclipse, power drops.

NORAD catalog number: 26931

Frequencies are as follows:

Downlink: 145.825 (FM FSK, AX.25, 1k2 and 9k6)
Uplink: 145.825 (FM FSK, AX.25, 1k2 and 9k6)

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