LO-75 (Cape-2)

Cape-2, LO-75 (Louisiana OSCAR 75), is part of the Cajun Advanced Picosat Experiment program.  It was constructed by a student-run, non-profit organization supported by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The goal of this project is to give students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette the opportunity to research, design, develop, and maintain a low earth orbiting satellite.

Ground station software for decoding telemetry is available at the CAPE website http://ulcape.org

Frequencies are as follows:

  • 145.825 MHz FM & CW
  • 437.325 MHz FSK


  • AX.25 1200 BPS Packet
  • FM Digitalker (Simplex Repeater)
  • Tweet and Email Function
  • Text-to-Speech Transmission

CW Data Format:

  • Callsign, Satellite Name, Mode of Satellite (2 Character designation), Unregulated Bus Voltage

AX.25 Data Format:

  • Callsign, Satellite Name, Beacon ID, Mode of Satellite, Current Satellite Time, Unregulated Bus Voltage, #Beacons since last reset, VHF Transmitter Temperature, UHF Transmitter Temperature, Website URL

Callsign: W5UL

NORAD Catalog Number:  39382

Launched November 20, 2013, LO-75 is in a 483 x 491 orbit at an inclination of 40 degrees.

CAPE-2 on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CajunAdvancedPicosatelliteExperiment