FO-29 (JAS-2).

FO-29 carries a 100KHz wide SSB/CW linear transponder that operates in mode V/U. It additionally carries a 1k2/9k6 digital BBS that is no longer operational and a Digitalker beacon that transmits a digital voice on FM.  FO-29 includes an attitude control system that consists consists of a sun-sensor, geomagnetism sensor, magnetorquer and data processor. It also features an advanced solar cell experiment consisting of gallium-arsenide solar cells 2cm x 2cm and 2cm x 1cm cells.

Mode V/U (J) Linear Transponder (Inverting):
Uplink: 145.9000 – 146.0000 MHz SSB/CW
Downlink 435.8000 – 435.9000 MHz SSB/CW

Mode U Beacon:
Downlink 435.7950 MHz CW

Mode U Digitalker (Rarely Used):
Downlink 435.9100 MHz FM