EO-79 (QB50p1 and FUNcube-3)

EO-79, also known as QB50p1 and FUNcube-3, is a 2U cubesat (10cm x 10cm x 20cm) built and launched as a collaborative effort led by the von Karman Institute and ISIS-BV. The primary function of the satellite is testing of the systems designed for the QB50 mission cubesats, including the Attitude Determination and Control System, Ion & Neutral Mass Spectrometer, Oxygen Flux Probe, Satellite Control Software, and the Quadpack deployer. Additionally, the satellite carries a AMSAT-NL constructed transponder as a return favor for support of the use of the amateur bands for the primary QB50 mission.

Due to power budget constraints the transponder cannot be operational 24/7 and an orbit specific schedule has been developed. The transponder will commence operation 27 minutes after the spacecraft enters sunlight and will stay on for a period of 25 minutes. This schedule may be modified over the forthcoming weeks as a result of experience.

Frequencies are as follows:

• 145.815 MHz 1k2 BPSK or CW Telemetry

• Inverting SSB/CW transponder (400 mW)

– 435.047 – 435.077 MHz Uplink

– 145.935 – 145.965 MHz Downlink

Launched June 19, 2014 on a Dnepr rocket, EO-79 was placed in a 621 x 604 km sun-synchronous orbit, inclined 97.98 degrees. NORAD ID 40025, International Designation 2014-033R

QB50 Precursor Mission page https://www.qb50.eu/index.php/precursor-flight

EO-79 and EO-80 (Thanks to ISIS for the photo)
EO-79 and EO-80 (Thanks to ISIS for the photo)