BRICSat was launched on 20 May 2015 from Cape Canaveral, Florida on an Atlas 5 Launch Vehicle.

BRICSat or Ballistic Reinforced Communications Satellite is a 1.5 U cube sat built by the Satellite Lab of the United States Naval Academy along with George Washington University.

This satellite will be used to demonstrate on-orbit operations of Micro-Cathode Arc thruster electronic propulsion. The satellite also carries an Amateur Radio payload. The satellite carries a 4 microcat heads on one side of the craft. This will be used to perform attitude adjustments on-orbit and to perform a re-entry maneuver when the craft reaches end of life.

BRICSat carries an APRS transponder as well as a PSK31 transponder.

NORAD Catalog: 40655

145.825 Packet 1k2 X.25 APRS (shared with ISS, PCSAT, UO-11 and others)
435.275 PSK31 FM

28.120 PSK31 SSB