RF Engineer

AMSAT is looking for an EE with RF experience to join its FOX-PLUS team.  You’ll collaborate with an all-volunteer team of up to ten electrical, mechanical, software and systems engineers.  You will have the opportunity to design and build the RF communications subsystems for a series of low earth orbit, 1U-3U CubeSats to support AMSAT’s educational and engineering objectives.

You should have a working knowledge of analog and digital communications protocols (e.g., FM, PSK, FSK) to provide digitally synthesized audio for FM modulated VHF/UHF/SHF voice and telemetry channels. Development opportunities can begin with modification of previous FOX designs and/or by starting with a blank sheet for an original design.

Our volunteers typically spend five hours per week on their project and attend a bi-weekly online update meeting. An Amateur Radio license and CubeSats experience is helpful but not necessary.  U.S. citizenship or proof of permanent residency is required.

AMSAT, the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to advancing scientific education and engineering innovation by designing, building and operating Amateur Radio satellites for the benefit of enthusiasts around the world.  AMSAT is an equal opportunity organization.

Interested persons should send an email with their resume/curriculum vitae to:

[email protected]