Not all Proceedings papers will have presentations at the conference, and there will be a few presentations without Proceedings papers.  There may be last minute changes in the presentation orders, depending on travel and other considerations.  A PDF version may be downloaded here:

2013 AMSAT Symposium Presentation Sked Rev B

2013 AMSAT Symposium Presentations

Friday, 1 November 2013


1:00 PM Introduction and Welcome

1:10-1:35 PM “AMSAT Education and You” E. Michael McCardel, KC8YLD

1:35-2:05 PM “Upcoming Amateur Radio Cubesats: The Flood has Arrived” Bryan Klofas, KF6ZEO

2:05-2:25 PM “W5PFG/P: Observations from a Roving Operator” Clayton Coleman, W5PFG

2:25-2:45 PM  “Operating on Satellites from Cruise Ships-Lessons Learned” Allen Mattis, N5AFV

2:45-3:05 PM  “If JFK Was A Ham” Nick Pugh, K5QXJ

3:05-3:20 PM Break

3:20-3:40 PM “The Montgomery College Satellite Radio Rotator Project” David Bern, W2LNX

3:40-4:05 PM “AMSAT’s Internet Presence” Joe Fitzgerald, KM1P

4:05-4:30 PM “Overcrowding of the Two Metre Satellite Band” Hans van de Groenendall, ZS6AKV

4:30-4:55 PM “Using Amateur Radio Satellites in Education” Rafael Haag, PY23FF

4:55-5:20 PM “WRAPS Portable Satellite Antenna Rotor” Mark Spencer, WA8SME


Saturday, 2 November 2013

8:00 AM Introduction and Welcome

8:15-8:40 AM   “Cubesats in HEO-A Challenging Mission for AMSAT” Daniel Schultz, N8FGV

8:40-9:30 AM  “Fox Satellite Program Overview” Tony Monteiro, AA2TX

9:30-10:00 AM “Coding and Modulation Design for AMSAT Fox-1”, Phil Karn, KA9Q

10:00-10:15 AM  Break

10:15-10:35 AM “Virginia Tech Cubesat Camera for Fox-1” Zach Leffke, KJ4QLP

10:35-10:55 AM “The Fox-1 IHU and Telemetry Simulator or Making Good Use of Cheap Evaluation Boards” Burns Fisher, W2BFJ

10:55-11:20 AM “Fox Experiments: Attitude Determination” Mark Spencer, WA8SME

11:20-11:50 AM “Distributed Ground Station Network Receive Node Design” Zach Leffke, KJ4QLP


Lunch 11:50-1:00 PM

1:00-1:20 PM “SA AMSAT Turns to Innovation for its Cubesat” Hans van de Groenendaal, ZS6AKV

1:20-1:45 PM “FUNcube Dongle and SDR-Radio Console for Schools Support” Hector L. Martinez, CO6CBF

1:45-2:05 PM “Fox Experiments-Exploring the Fox-2 Maximum Power Point Tracking System” Mark Spencer, WA8SME

2:05-2:25 PM “A Brief Overview of the ARISS Program” Dave Jordan, AA4KN

2:25-2:45 PM “Amateur Radio on the ISS (ARISS)-Interesting Times” Dave Taylor, W8AAS

2:45-3:30 PM “Amateur Radio on Human Spaceflight Missions-30 Years”  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

3:30-3:45 Break

3:45-5:15 PM AMSAT Annual Meeting broadcast over Echolink AMSAT Server and AMSAT Recognition