LAPANSAT-A2 to launch 0430UTC 28SEP15 on Indian PSLV-XL C30


Launch Successful and satellite has been heard!

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The 76kg LAPANSAT-A2 satellite is scheduled to launch as a secondary payload of the ISRO Astrosat space telescope mission on an Indian PSLV-XL rocket at 0430UTC on 28SEP15. The satellite is expected to be deployed in a low inclination orbit of 6 to 10 degrees, at ~650km altitude. This means stations North or South of approximately 32 degrees of latitude will not be able to access the satellite, but stations near the equator (such as Indonesia) will have up to 14 passes a day.

Along with Maritime AIS monitoring equipment, and optical capabilities, LAPANSAT-A2 carries a V/U voice repeater (435.88 with PL tone up, 145.88 down) and an APRS digipeater (145.825). The telemetry beacon is 437.425 MHz. The operational plan is not known at this time.

Pre-launch Keps courtesy of Dirgan, YE0EEE:

1 99999U 00000    15270.20393519  .00010000  00000-0  10000-3 0 00011
2 99999 006.0383 028.8188 0001450 317.4897 243.6033 14.00000000000018

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