Auckland Technology Convention KiwiSAT Photos Posted

KiwiSATJim Tittsler ZL2IA/AI8A/7J1AJH has posted photos of New Zealand’s KiwiSAT at the 2013 Auckland Technology Convention hosted by the Auckland VHF Group. Fred ZL1BYP and Ian ZL1AOX brought the satellite in its “clean cabinet” to the convention so that the audience would have a chance to see it. Ian had brought along his station (and dummy loads) and demonstrated commanding the satellite and collecting telemetry.

KiwiSAT will carry both amateur radio communications including linear and FM transponders; and a scientific experiment for small satellite attitude control The mission also carries a special beacon which will be used by radio amateurs around the world to collect data for environmental monitoring. KiwiSAT development is completed ready for launch into a LEO orbit with a target launch date in mid 2013. The project is funded by radio amateurs through personal and club donations, and by membership ofAMSAT-ZL. Donations may be made via a link to PayPal on this page.