Preliminary Fox Keplerian Elements

We now have a launch for Fox-1A in 2015.  These Keplerian elements approximate the perigee, apogee, and inclination of the orbit.  They have been tested in several popular tracking programs, and will give a good feel for the availability and footprint to be expected.  Other details will depend on the launch site and deployment profile.

1 99999U 13001A   13115.03159480  .00000000  00000 0  00000 0 1    14
2 99999  64.0000 106.4735 0200000 270.0000 180.0000 14.81480000    10

With the IARU coordination received, the uplink frequency will be 435.180 MHz, and the downlink frequency will be 145.980 MHz.  For those using the SatPC32 tracking program, you can add the following line to the DOPPLER.SQF file:


You will also need to add the following line to the SubTone.SQF file:


We have used “Fox-1A” in these examples, but the actual designation in the Keplerian elements my be something different.  You will need to edit the above lines accordingly.

We will update these as the launch approaches and more specific information becomes available.