Help Celebrate AMSAT’s 50th Anniversary – Take W3ZM on the Road!

Leading up to the 2019 AMSAT 50th Anniversary Space Symposium and General Meeting, to be held in Arlington, VA, October 18 – 20, 2019, AMSAT’s call sign, W3ZM, will operate from all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  Not only is this your chance to get Worked All States-Satellites under the W3ZM call sign, but, also, your chance to be a part of this historic effort.

Note:  When operating outside of the “3” call area, operators will append the W3ZM call sign with “/(call area).” As an example, someone operating from Texas will use W3ZM/5; from Hawaii, W3ZM/KH6; from Alaska, W3ZM/KL7; and from Puerto Rico, W3ZM/KP4.

To make this happen – We need your help!  Please volunteer to get on the air and activate your State, using AMSAT’s W3ZM call sign, as well as to cover those States without an active AMSAT Member.  Activations of other United States Territories (i.e. Guam, American Samoa, the U. S. Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) are also welcome.

To volunteer and operate using AMSAT’s W3ZM call sign, you must:

  • Be a current member of AMSAT
  • Obtain permission by emailing AMSAT VP of User Services, specifying the requested date(s) and location(s)
  • Submit an ADIF log of contacts made for upload to LoTW by AMSAT, as instructed in your notice of approval to use the W3ZM call sign.  When providing you log, please include the state, county, and grid square(s) worked.

Robert Bankston, KE4AL, AMSAT VP of User Services, ke4al (at) amsat (dot) org

W3ZM/3Oct 6MD & hopefully DEN8HMFM & Linear
W3ZM/4Jun 21, 2019VAEM96KM4LAOFM & Linear
W3ZM/5Jun 22-23, 2019TXEM21W5PFGPSK31 & Packet BBS
W3ZM/0Jun 22-23IAEM30K0FFYFM & Linear
W3ZM/7Jun 24-25, 2019IDDN33N7EGYFM
W3ZM/7Jun 28-30, 2019ORDN04, DN15, DN05KI7UNJFM
W3ZM/1Jul 2, 2019VTFN32K2MTSFM
W3ZM/0Jul 2-3, 2019SDEN04, EN05AD0HJFM
W3ZM/7 +/0Jul 3, 2019WY + NEDN71N6UAFM & Linear
W3ZM/4Jul 3, 2019GAEM71N4KGL
W3ZM/6Jul 4, 2019CADM14K6FWFM & Linear
W3ZM/7Jul 4, 2019ORCN94KI7UNJFM
W3ZM/2Jul 5, 2019NYDN23, FN22KB2YSIFM & Linears
W3ZM/KH6Jun 27-Jul 8, 2019HIBL20, BK29, BK28, BK19N8MHFM & Linear
W3ZM/1Jul 12-14MEFN43, FN53N1AIAFM & Linear
W3ZM/9Jul 19-21ILEN60, EM59, EM,69KC9VGGFM
W3ZM/9Jul 23, 2019INEM69WB9VPGFM
W3ZM/0Jul 23-24, 2019MNEN34AK4WQFM & Linear
W3ZM/9Jul 24, 2019INEM68, EM69WB9VPGFM
W3ZM/KL7Jul 24-26AKCO45N9IPFM & Linear
W3ZM/7 + /0Jul 25WY + CO (state line)DN70N6UAFM & Linear
W3ZM/0Jul 26-28IA, KS, MO, NETBDKG5CCIFM & Linear
W3ZM/7Jul 27, 2019WACN88N7AGFFM & Linear
W3ZM/5Jul 27, 2019OKEM15KI5BEXFM
W3ZM/8Jul 28, 2019OHEM79WB9VPGFM
W3ZM/4Jul 29, 2019KYEM78, EM79WB9VPGFM
W3ZM/5Aug 1, 2019ARTBDKG5CCIFM & Linear
W3ZM/9Aug 2, 2019WIEN44/45/54/55WN9Q
W3ZM/0Aug 3 2019CODM68/69/78/79AD0DXFM & Linear
W3ZM/8Aug 3-5MITBD (Upper MI)WN9Q
W3ZM/7Aug 9-12NV + UTDN20, DN30WY7AA
W3ZM/8Aug 6-9, 2019MIEN66KE8FZT
W3ZM/7Aug 17-19ORCN93, CN94KI7UNJFM
W3ZM/0Aug 22-23, 2019MNEN14/24, EN15/25AD0HJFM & Linear
W3ZM/4Aug 24, 219ALEN61KE4ALFM & Linear
W3ZM/7Aug 24-25, 2019AZDM41, DM51/52KF7RFM & Linear
W3ZM/5Aug 29, 2019MSTBDKE4ALFM & Linear
W3ZM/5Aug 30, 2019ARTBDKE4ALFM & Linear
W3ZM/0Aug31, 2019NDTBDND0CFM
W3ZM/3Aug 30, 2019PAFN21KB2YSIFM & Linear
W3ZM/1Aug 30-31
NHFN42WB1FJFM (no SO-50)
W3ZM/4Aug 31-Sep 2, 2019SC & NCTBDKO4MAFM & Linear
W3ZM/2Sep 8-15NJFN20KQ2RP
W3ZM/1Sep 13, 2019MA , CT, RITBDWB1FJ & AB1OC
W3ZM/5Sep 20-21, 2019NMDM64KE4ALFM & Linears
W3ZM/4Sep 30, 2019FLEM60N4KGL
W3ZM/KP3Jun 20 - Oct 17, 2019PRFK68KP3AFM & Linear
W3ZM/8Oct 2-3WVEN90K8BLFM & Linear