Launch Information
UNISAT-6 was launched on 19 June 2014 at 19:11 UTC. The Dniper was launched from silo 370/13 from Dombarovsky Cosmodrome in Yasny, Russia. This rocket carried the satellite payloads of 17 different countries.

Mission Information
Unisat-6 is a civil scientific satellite, mainly intended for Customer’s equipment testing in space conditions. The satellite is 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and has a total mass of 26 Kg and it has been built in Italy.

Unisat-6 was launched with  33 other satellites and it will deploy 4 satellites. The satellites that will be deployed are Tigrisat, Lemur 1, ANTELSAT and AeroCube6.

Mission Objectives
UNISAT-6 was designed to test customer equipment in space conditions.

A digipeater in the Amateur Radio spectrum will be enabled following the completion of it’s primary mission.

Unisat-6 will transmit 2 beacons:

  • Beacon 1: “UNISAT-6” transmitted every 30 seconds with 8 bytes that are transmitted only when the satellite is not being commanded from ground.
  • Beacon 2: Binary packet transmitted every 10 seconds consisting of 67 bytes with house keeping data of the satellite. 

NORAD Catalog Number: 40012

Callsign: II0US

– 437.425 GFSK 9k6 AX.25

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