PolyITAN-1 is the first satellite launched by the Ukraine. This is a 1U cubesat, and was launched via a Dnepr launch vehicle on 19 June 2014 at 19:11 UTC, from Yasny, Russia.

PolyITAN-1 was developed by the National University of the Ukraine and the Ukrainian amateur radio community.

Stated mission objectives are:

  • Develop, build, test, launch and operate a Ukrainian small satellite platform based on Cubesat standard. Conduct mission experiments with following payloads: o Sun sensor o Attitude position and orientation system including system software
  • Test on-board GLONASS/GPS navigation subsystem
  • Build ground segment infrastructure for satellite communication
  • Develop and test onboard and ground telecommunication software, implement telecommunication protocols
  • Establish cooperation between educational institute, space agency(s) and various government authorities, HAM radio community

Call sign: EM0UKPI

NORAD catalog number: 40042

Frequencies are as follows:

– 437.675 (1k2 AFSK/CW)
Note: This frequency is changed from the originally published frequency

Visit the website at: PolyITAN-1