MO-72 (Masat-1)

MO-72 is the first satellite put into orbit by Hungary, making her the 47th nation to do so. MO-72 is a student project of the Technical University of Budapest. This 1U satellite was launched on 13 February, 2012 at 1000 UTC, on a Vega VV01 rocket from Kourou ELA-1, French Guiana.

MO-72 also carries a VGA (640 x 480) camera, which was not announced until after the launch. Pictures are available in the gallery section of the satellites web site. This bird also sports a 16 CM tape measure antenna. The satellites telemetry is not encrypted, and a decoder is available on the web site as well.

Call sign: HA5MASAT
NORAD catalog number: 38081

Frequencies as follows:
• Downlink 437.345 CW, 2-GFSK (625/1250bps)

Project Web site