ChubuSat-1 (Kinshachi)

Launch Information
ChubuSat-1 was launched successfully on 6 November 2014 (07:35:49 UTC) on a Dnepr-1 launch vehicle from the Yasny Cosmodrome, Russia.

ChubuSat-1  was the secondary payload on this vehicle along with QSat-EOS, Hodoyoshi-1, Tsubame.  The primary payload was the Japanese ASNARO minisat.

Mission Information
ChubuSat-1 is a Japanese micro-satellite technology demonstration mission, jointly developed by a consortium of universities (Nagoya University and Daido University) and aerospace companies in the Chubu region of central Japan.

The Satellite measures 58 cm x 55 cm x 50 cm and a mass of approx 50 kg.  The design life of ChubuSat-1 is 6 months.

The satellite carries ann optical camera with a resolution of the optical camera is approximately 10 m and an infrared camera to observe Earth’s surface.

ChubuSat-1 was developed to help expand the satellite business by significantly reducing the cost of spacecraft and applications, and also to demonstrate the advanced technology level of the small aerospace businesses in this region.

Mission Objectives
1) Observation of Earth’s surface
2) Observation of space debris
3) Relay of amateur communication data (provision of a message transfer service to worldwide amateur radio users).

NORAD Catalog Number: 40300
Callsign: JJ2YJY

– 145.980 MHz (1200 AFSK, 9600 FSK AX.25 Digipeater uplink)
– 437.485 (CW/1200 AFSK, 9600 FSK AX.25)

Web Resources
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Image credits: ChubuSat consortium