AMSAT on HF 50th Anniversary Award

To achieve this award, you must work at least one AMSAT Member on any HF band, in any mode. In addition, there are additional level of this award, based on the number of AMSAT Members you contact on the HF bands:

  • One AMSAT member contacted earns the basic OSCAR-1 award
  • Seven AMSAT members contacted earns the AO-7 endorsement
  • Twenty-Nine AMSAT members contacted earns the FO-29 endorsement
  • Fifty AMSAT members contacted earns the SO-50 endorsement
  • Ninety-Two AMSAT members contacted earns the AO-92 endorsement
  • Two Hundred AMSAT members contacted earns the ISS endorsement

AMSAT member members are encouraged to call “CQ AMSAT 50” on any HF band/mode. The minimum exchange is your call, signal report, and your membership number. Life members use LM and your number.

Cost is $15, plus postage. Certificates will be mailed in early 2020. There will be no sequence number on the certificate.

To apply for this award, visit the AMSAT 50th Anniversary Award section in the AMSAT Online Store and select the 50th Anniversary AMSAT Satellite Friends of 50 Award. In the comment section, enter or copy and paste the required log information, which must include:

(1) Date, (2) UTC time, (3) Band, (4) Mode, (5) Station Worked, and (6) their AMSAT number.

     EXAMPLE: 20190115 1835 20 CW W1AB 1234

Once you are satisfied with your entry, select PURCHASE and complete your payment method.