50th Anniversary AMSAT Satellite Friends of 50 Award

To achieve this award, you must work 50 amateur radio operators on any satellite (limit of 1 contact per day) during 2019. There is no requirement for operating at the same location for all contacts, as long as your home call sign is used somewhere in the operating call sign (e.g. KK5DO/MM, KK5DO/VE5, etc.).

The cost for this award is $15, plus postage. Certificates will be mailed upon receipt of payment. There will be no sequence number on the certificate.

To apply for this award, visit the AMSAT 50th Anniversary Award section in the AMSAT Online Store and select the 50th Anniversary AMSAT Satellite Friends of 50 Award. In the comment section, enter or copy and paste the required log information, which must include:

(1) Date, (2) UTC time, (3) Satellite name, (4) Station worked, and (5) Grid worked.

     EXAMPLE: 20190115 1835 AO-91 VE3ABC

Once you are satisfied with your entry, select PURCHASE and complete your payment method.