$50SAT (MO-76)

$50SAT (aka Eagle-2 prelaunch) MO-76 was launched aboard Unisat-5 on November 21, 2013 from Dombarovsky, Russia on a Dnepr vehicle.  This project is a joint effort involving Professor Bob Twiggs, Morehead State University, Howie DeFelice, AB2S, Michael Kirkhart, KD8QBA, and Stuart Robinson, GW7HPW.

The project website can be found at http://www.50dollarsat.info/

Frequencies are as follows:

  • 437.505 MHz


  • FM slow Morse callsign beacon
  • FM fast Morse telemetry
  • FSK RTTY telemetry
  • 1kbps data

NORAD Catalog Number: 39436