Upcoming Satellite Operations

KX9X/7, DN54, DN64, DN74 – May 25th-29th:

I’ll be operating as KX9X/7 in Wyoming from DN54-64-74 from May 25-29, while travelling to the ARRL Rocky Mountain Division convention. The convention is in Cody, WY, in DN54, and I plan on being active from the convention site as much as possible May 26-27-28. Other grids will be on while I’m travelling.

Will have two 817s and an Arrow. Will be on FO29, SO50, AO-7 mode B and the XW birds. May try AO-85 but I haven’t had much luck there yet.


N6UA – Wyoming, DN31-71 – May 27th:
Via http://www.amsat.org/pipermail/amsat-bb/2017-May/063293.html

Planning another trip across the lower tier of Wyoming (aka I-80) on

If I leave home ~1200 UTC, I should be in DN71 ~ 1400 UTC and will be QRV
for FM, linear and packet.
Will be going thru DN71 thru DN31 on this trip.

I’ll do what I can to accommodate requests for grids given traffic and
satellite availability. Contact me off-list to coordinate (n6ua at amsat.org).


Doug, N6UA


AC0RA – Portland, OR area grids – May 26th-28th:
Via http://www.amsat.org/pipermail/amsat-bb/2017-May/063303.html

This Memorial day weekend I’m going to be traveling to Portland for some
tourism and to activate some grids in CN land. I fly into Portland early
Friday morning and back out early Monday morning. Currently looking at
heading to CN76/77 Friday then south to cn90-93 for Saturday. Since this is
such a quick trip I’ll do my best to operate passes that cover the lower 48
but at times it won’t be possible. Listen on ao7 and when in mode B I’ll
try to use it otherwise all other active voice Sats will be in play.
Follow me on twitter.com/wyattac0ra for updates.

73 Wyatt


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Updated May 16, 2017