EO-79 (QB50p1 and FUNcube-3)

EO-79, also known as QB50p1 and FUNcube-3, is a 2U cubesat (10cm x 10cm x 20cm) built and launched as a collaborative effort led by the von Karman Institute and ISIS-BV. The primary function of the satellite is testing of the systems designed for the QB50 mission cubesats, including the Attitude Determination and Control System, Ion & Neutral Mass Spectrometer, Oxygen Flux Probe, Satellite Control Software, and the Quadpack deployer. Additionally, the satellite carries a AMSAT-NL constructed transponder as a return favor for support of the use of the amateur bands for the primary QB50 mission. The transponder will be active after the primary mission is complete, estimated at six months.

Frequencies are as follows:

• 145.815 MHz 1k2 BPSK or CW Telemetry

• Inverting SSB/CW transponder (400 mW)

– 435.035 – 435.065 MHz Uplink (Initial testing indicates 435.047 – 435.077 actual)

– 145.935 – 145.965 MHz Downlink

Launched June 19, 2014 on a Dnepr rocket, EO-79 was placed in a 621 x 604 km sun-synchronous orbit, inclined 97.98 degrees. NORAD ID 40025, International Designation 2014-033R

QB50 Precursor Mission page https://www.qb50.eu/index.php/precursor-flight

EO-79 and EO-80 (Thanks to ISIS for the photo)

EO-79 and EO-80 (Thanks to ISIS for the photo)