Communications Satellites

Links to information about two-way communications satellites carrying repeaters, transponders, and digipeaters can be found here.

FM Repeater Satellites

Transponder Satellites

  • AO-7
  • FO-29 (JAS-2)
  • AO-73 (FUNcube-1)
  • XW-2A (CAS-3A) Transponder rarely activated
  • XW-2B (CAS-3B) Transponder not yet activated
  • XW-2C (CAS-3C) Transponder not yet activated
  • XW-2D (CAS-3D) Transponder not yet activated
  • XW-2E (CAS-3E) Satellite has not been heard in some time
  • XW-2F (CAS-3F)
  • EO-79 (QB50p1 and FUNcube-3) In commissioning
  • UKube-1 In commissioning

Digital Satellites

Re-entered or Inoperative Satellites

Satellite Distance Records

JE9PEL All Satellites Frequency List