MESAT-1 Telemetry - All-Time Leaders

MESAT-1 | latest spacecraft health | whole orbit data
Frames: 784 - last 24 hours: 58 - last 90 mins: 0
From ground stations:

NumGround stationFSK FramesPSK FramesLast 7 days
1 KO4MA 0189 21
2 N8MH 0146 38
3 K8DP 0100 9
4 AL7ID 089 57
5 VK2ZAZ 039 34
6 BX1AD 035 14
7 2097-KU4YJ 034 0
8 JA5BLZ 032 29
9 PI9CAM 030 0
10 PY4ZBZ 017 2
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FoxTelem is the program you use to decode the data transmissions from the AMSAT Fox-1, LTM and GOLF series of spacecraft. It will decode, store and allow analysis of telemetry and onboard experiments.

Latest Software:
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Help and Tutorials:

FoxTelem comes with a manual which you can find from the Help menu. It covers the basics, but Software Defined Radio, Digital Signal processing and telemetry are non trivial topics. It's relatively easy to decode the first few frames, but you can spend a lifetime perfecting your ground station. These articles are aimed at taking you a step beyond the basics.

Costas Loop or Dot Product Decoder for BPSK
Earth Plots Tutorial - What they are and how to plot them
Analyze your QTH with SKY PLOTs to see how well you are receving
Use FoxTelem to analyze the received telemetry with graphs
How to write a Software Defined Radio - SDR and DSP Tutorial