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The January 2014 issue of QST contains an article
on the
system by Mark Spencer, WA8SME
is an inexpensive, portable azimuth and elevation pointing system for
use with a simple tripod and light weight antennas such as the popular
Arrow and Elk
Four related
videos of the WRAPS system and operation may be found on the AMSAT
YouTube channel
article may be downloaded here
and additional information on the QST-in-Depth
page for ARRL members.  The WRAPS Master CD which comes with
the board includes
detailed parts information, PIC software, construction information etc
may be downloaded here.  The WRAPS system
is ideal for easy transport and setup
educational demonstrations such as the new FUNcube/AO-73 and upcoming
Fox-1, as well as Field Day operations and grid square
expeditions.  AMSAT-NA is pleased to be able to offer the key
electronic components.

What you get:
Unpopulated circuit board
Programmed PIC chip
CD-ROM containing instructions and support materials to complete the

requires a tracking program supporting the EASYCOM protocol to provide
pointing information.
Programs, including free versions, are available for Linux, Mac, and
Windows operating systems.  AMSAT-NA has fully featured
available for Mac and Windows machines at the AMSAT Store.

Since the publication of the article, Mark and other experimenters have
developed an upgrade of the WRAPS system which will support two small
antennas.  This opens the way for switchable antenna
orientation, or circular polarity, depending on the owner’s interests
and creativity.  This upgrade requires some additional
hardware components, but the existing controller and firmware may be
used without modification.  An article outlining the changes,
and required parts list may be found here.

has also developed a simple, inexpensive way when using two Arrow
antennas to obtain switchable Circular Polarization.  This
provides dramatic improvement in the signal.  A possible
upgrade to the
is being considered, but has not been decided on.   A full
article will
be published in a future edition of the AMSAT Journal, and a version
may be downloaded here.

Making complete systems
or full kits available is not
currently contemplated.

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