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Designed by Howard Long, G6LVB.
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This is the Complete Unit.
Note that the shipping
unit has a BLUE or AMBER
rather than the green shown in the illustration.

There is no choice as to which color is shipped


The LVB Tracker Box provides an inexpensive, reliable interface between
Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer tracking software and the popular
G-5400, G-5500, and G-5600 Yaesu azimuth and elevation rotators. The
panel LCD shows the current and future directions of the antennas.
Convenient buttons allow manual control. The unit is powered by the
control box though the provided DIN cable.

For fully automatic tracking, the unit supports either a standard
port, or an optional
USB connection to the computer. The LVB Tracker uses the
standard communications protocol used in the Yaesu GS-232 and units
support the EasyComm protocol. Since this is a standard protocol used
most tracking programs, the unit will not become obsolete because of
to operating systems and hardware. Popular tracking programs such as
SATPC32, Orbitron, NovaTrack, and MacDoppler are just a few of the
programs. Firmware updates are free and can be done by the user. With
LVB Tracker and a compatible control program, you can concentrate on

LVB Tracker Box – Assembled and ready for use $200 + shipping.
PC Board, USB output, DIN rotator cable, blue or amber LCD
display and enclosure.

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