Broadband Satellite RX Preamp with Antenna Polarization Switch


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In response to the popularity of the original Broadband Satellite
RX Preamp, we now have a new version which includes the ability to
drive two linear antennas
such as an Elk or Arrow to achieve either left hand (LHCP) or right
hand (RHCP) circular polarization.  What does this mean to the
operator?  Any directional antenna must be pointed toward the
satellite.  In additon, with a single linear antenna such as
an Elk or Arrow,
it is necessary to constantly fine tune your reception by twisting the
beam for maximum signal
strength.  Circularly polarized antennas can dramatically
the need for this, but some satellites have circularly
antennas which must be “matched” to the ground antenna.  In
case, the change in
signal strength
can often be dramatic between LHCP and RHCP.  Even satellites
nominally linear antennas can often benefit by switching between the
two polarizations.

Since handling two antennas which must be held at a constant
spacing and 90 degree angle from each other manually is impractical,
Mark Spence,
WA8SME has published an excellent article
showing both the new preamp and a typical installation to use its
capabilities fully:

WRAPS Rotor Enhancements Add a Second Beam and Circular Polarization

Of course, the new version retains all the features which made its
predecessor popular:

Fully assembled, tested, and installed in a metal enclosure with female
BNC connectors on input and outputs.
Based on the MAR7 device, this receive only preamplifier (no transmit
switching) covers 100 MHz to 500 MHz.
This includes the137 MHz WX, 2M, and 70cm satellite bands.
Operates from +9-15V DC (a fresh 9V battery works great!).
Ready to operate–not a kit!  Includes low power (about 5W)
protection diode on the input for accidental transmissions into the

If you wish to use it with a single antenna, simply use the
unit as a preamp without using the second antenna port.

Perfect for portable operations using a dual band hand-held Yagi like
the Arrow, Elk, Cheap Yagi, etc.
Just put it in line on the correct receive band for operations in
mode U/V or V/U.  You won’t believe what you’ve been missing!

NOTE:  This
preamp is NOT
rf switched.  It MUST
be protected from inadvertent transmission RF!

Proceeds from the sale of this item will help fund the AMSAT Fox Family of
satellites including the newly announced Fox-1C which will
be launched in the 3rd quarter 2015!

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