Alaskan Arrow II 146/437-14BP Handheld Yagi


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The Arrow II line of antennas has been engineered to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest practical size & weight. ONLY 26 oz.
Aluminum Arrow Shafts are used for elements.
The 2 in-line gamma matches (not shown) are pre-assembled & pre-tuned. One connector for VHF and one for UHF. These are BNC only.
The boom is ¾” square (with round corners) 37 ½” long. Note the big black foam grip for easy holding.
Boom & elements all have plastic tips for safety.

This is the model without the internal duplexer and comes without any connecting cables. For use with a single HT or other radio, an external duplexer is needed.

Price is $159 + free shipping (U.S. only), $70 (outside U.S.)



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