[amsat-bb] PREDICT-2.2.7 Released for Linux, Unix, Android, and Raspberry Pi Platforms

John Magliacane kd2bd at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 12 14:10:47 UTC 2020

Today I am pleased to announce the release of PREDICT version 2.2.7, an Open Source satellite tracking / orbital prediction application for Linux and Unix computing environments, including PCs, laptops, and Raspberry PIs.

New in this release is a version of PREDICT that operates on Android platforms under a Termux environment.  Now you can carry your smartphone in your shirt pocket while voice announcements made by PREDICT's "vocalizer" tell you where to locate the ISS, Hubble, or other visible satellites in the night sky!  There's even an alarm to alert the observer when the spacecraft enters into eclipse or into sunlight.

Android screenshots are available here:



The Linux/Unix version of PREDICT-2.2.7 is available here:


And the Android/Termux release is available here:


Both versions are source code releases.  An included "configure" script will configure and compile PREDICT and its associated utilities for your specific platform while you wait.

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that is available at no cost through Google Play.  Further details are available at:


Further details on PREDICT are available at:


Stay safe, stay well, and Happy Tracking!

73 de John, KD2BD

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