[amsat-bb] CAMSAT CAS-6 Status

Alan Kung camsat at vip.163.com
Sat Jun 20 14:15:32 UTC 2020


The CAS-6 V/UHF antenna has been deployed today. Due to some OBC failures, CW beacon and GMSK telemetry are not working properly. At present, only the carriers are transmitted on the two frequencies, the linear transponder has been put into operation. We will then try to diagnose and then determine whether the CW and telemetry data stream transmission can be recovered.


● CW Telemetry Beacon:                      145.910MHz    

● AX.25 4.8kbps GMSK Telemetry:      145.890MHz   

● U/V Linear Transponder Downlink:    145.925MHz, 20kHz bandwidth, Inverted

● U/V Linear Transponder Uplink:        435.280MHz




1 44881U 19093C   20170.81187924 -.00001118  00000-0 -13581-3 0  9991

2 44881  97.9575 246.8556 0015830  36.2280 323.9959 14.81412013 26893


Alan Kung, BA1DU

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