[amsat-bb] Timewave Navigator chipset

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Mon Aug 21 23:41:31 UTC 2017


Navigator Driver Version 2.4.18
Document Package 2.4.18 (.pdf files added)

This driver is intended to supercede previous drivers provided for the Navigator Interface 
by Timewave Technology Inc.  

This version provides these features:

1.  This one driver is used for either 32-bit or 64-bit computers.  
The driver automatically selects the correct driver elements during installation.
It also supports both XP and Vista.

2.  This driver can coexist with any driver version level from FTDI.
All software components are renamed with a "nav" prefix to prevent FTDI updates
from overwriting the components of this release.  

3.  These drivers are digitally signed by TIMEWAVE TECHNOLOGY.  
This provides better security, and speeds up the installation process.  
It is also required for the 64 bit versions of Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

4.  This driver is derived from the FTDI-chipset Driver files ver 2.4.16  

5.  It is recommended that you update to this new Navigator driver level. 
Updates must remove the current driver from your computer prior to installing this version.  
See the "Nav Driver Uninstall Procedure.pdf" included with this release.

6.  There are four .pdf files in this package that describe 
the procedures to upgrade the driver to this version. 

Nav Driver Install XP.pdf
Nav Driver Install Vista Win7 win8.pdf
Nav Driver Uninstall procedure.pdf
Win7 win8 Audio Setup.pdf

Open the one appropriate to your system.  
The uninstall procedure is recommended for XP, Vista, win7 and Win8.

7.  If you are installing in a new system, you may use these procedures as well, or use
the procedures in the standard Quick Start guides that accompany the Navigator
Installation CD.

Please direct questions or comments to Timewave Technology Inc.
web site: timewave.com
e-mail: techsupport at timewave.com

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