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Mac A. Cody maccody at att.net
Fri Aug 18 03:05:33 UTC 2017


Perhaps you could quickly pull together one of the variations on the
'itty bitty radio telescope'?  You could point it at the sun before
the eclipse and note the signal drop-off as the sun is obscured.  Here
are links to a couple of plans:

Procedure for Making the Itty Bitty Radio Telescope

Itty Bitty Radio Telescope Observing the Sun at 12 GHz

The first is for the original version.  The second uses an RTLSDR
dongle.  Either should be fairly easy to put together.


Mac Cody / AE5PH

On 08/17/2017 05:44 PM, Greg wrote:
> Hello all,
> A non-profit youth group is have an eclipse party during the eclipse. A science teacher will explain to the children about the eclipse etc and the group had bought the glasses that are recommended on the NASA site.
> Here’s where I come in…Several years ago, I use to listen to LF, ULF for lightning, atmospheric noises , etc., on an active receiver.  Is there any site, articles, info etc on frequency’s to listen to the sun during the eclipse on VHF, UHF +, etc.  Also does anyone know if the radio signals from the sun will be “interrupted” as the moon passes.  Any info for a radio project would be appreciated.
> Greg
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